One Kind of Diaper for the Rest of your life...

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If you could only wear one kind of diaper for the rest of your life, what kind would it be and why?

(Trying to do some research and want to thank you all in advance!)
For me, it's the Abena M4. I've tried several brands, but this one is the one that I think fits me the best, holds a lot, isn't too bulky and financially reasonable. Definitely would have no problems sticking to this one forever. I also like the tapes that allow for a 're-do' with another tape to allow for a better fit.
Probably Northshore Supremes they are thick, thirsty, and reasonably priced
Tough question- I have so many beloved diapers, to pick just one is painful. It's not my sentimental favorite, or the thickest, certainly not the cutest diaper . . . But the answer is easy. The Abena M-4 (original plastic-backed, of course) îs unquestionably the overall best diaper ever made.
Abena M4. I have tried almost every adult diaper available (not including AB/DL style ones) and nothing works better for me than the M4.
For me its have to be the new ABU Space diapers. By far the best diaper I've ever worn, including hundreds of vintage baby diapers. If I've only got one kind of diaper left in my collection - hands down: ABU Space is ready for liftoff!
Abena M4.
Well if they were guaranteed to fit me for the rest of my life I would wear goodnites. I love pullups. But seeing they probably won't I will take ABU Space Diapers. I love the design and the absorbancy is out of this world (Pun intended �� )
Currently, it would be the Space Diaper, or a white version if that comes out.
It's hard to choose just 1. If I had to wear 24/7 I would choose the original Tena Slip Maxi medium. For fun it would have to be Dry 24/7 small. Both are well made diapers, it well and have great capacity.
Very hard to limit to one diaper because different situations call for different levels of protection.

At work or on the go...Total Dry Plus

At home or nighttime...Abena M4
I'd pick dry 24/7's, perfect thickness IMHO and the whole print stuff is fine sometimes buy wearing printed diapers all the time is expensive.

Though, wearing dry 24/7's all the time would be too, but worth it if you can stand to be in them for 6-10 hours.
LittleICme said:
Very hard to limit to one diaper because different situations call for different levels of protection.

One kind of diaper? I would want a free, well fitting, highly absorbent, free, comfortable, plastic backed, free, not too large, not too small, free, outstanding leak guards, outstanding odor protection, free, fast absorption, good swelling, free, three tapes, larger tapes, free, waistbands, padding that extends into the wings, free, all white, high backed, free, discreet shipping, limitless supply, and free. I don't know if I mentioned it, but free would be nice as well.

Seeing as this is a fantasy diaper created in my own imagination, I would select NorthShore Supremes in reality. They are most of what I stated above......but not free. :(
It'd have to be the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4. It's the best diaper in the world: comfortable, reliable, practical and... very unleaky... I'd recommend them to anyone who needed them for medical reasons too (or the plastic-backed M3s -- alas no more!). They just work.

The Forma-Care X-Plus would be my second choice. Silky smooth, great fit, possibly the most absorbent non-AB diaper... Not quite as leakproof as the Abenas, and the plastic can occasionally tear... but definitely worth trying.

And the Kolibri Comslip would be my third choice. Thicker, firmer padding, less-stretchy plastic... but the fit is a bit small compared to other diapers and slightly higher-cut making them more leak-prone on me... My waist is vaguely around 30", and I'm usually a "medium", so maybe going a size up would be a good idea...? They still feel amazing, though :)

But when all's said and done... I'd be okay if the Abena M4 was the only choice.
So glad to see many siding with the Abena. I really love this diaper. Always excited to order another case.
Hmm. I haven't tried the ABU space yet, it's possible that one would end up being my pick after trying it. But since I haven't tried it, I'd have to say Bambino Bellisimo for now. I like having the babyish patterns and a really thick diaper. Even though they're not especially practical for out and about wear, that annoyance is outweighed for me by the greater enjoyment from a really thick diaper with a babyish pattern.
Definitely the Abena M4.
Well, if we're assuming this is wearing this type of diaper 24/7, I would have to vote for either the Tena Slip Maxi (Plastic backed, even though they're gone now) or the Molicaire Super Plus. The Tena is a wonderful blend of performance, discretion and comfort for me. I absolutely love them and luckily still have some stored for the winter so to speak. The molicaires also have that nice blending of those 3 pivotal areas, and it also has that wood pulp filling which gives it a unique feeling that I really enjoy. And the plastic is really soft feeling, which is pleasant as well as practical in reducing noise.
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