One good way of curing anxiety especially for ABDLS and littles

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I figured out why I am so anxious, it may not be entirely because I am not used to wetting college but because we don't engage in play as much as we should (p.s. Watching TV and going on the Internet on Facebook etc is not playing)

This article I read says that if you make work a little more fun and change the mind set you are in, interact more with the co-workers and "play out" more with your friends, the more you will build a relationship with people are you are seen as a fun loving person in return and on the plus side, less anxiety because you are laughing and having fun!

O.k I am not suggesting bringing your baby rattles or barbies into work with you, I am suggesting on work breaks, playing card games, going to the field to play catch, play mind games and leave some good board games in the staff room would be a good idea. I am not sure how you can implement it into work but you could change the way you think of your work and turn it into a game if possible. In other words you shouldn't be on your butt all day long. At home it a ctually suggests buying art supplies, construction toys and outdoor toys.

I am so trying this out at college tommorow, I am going to try and make up some fun mind games that don't require toys to play, that may improve my relationships with other class mates and I may end up with some friends if I am lucky!

Here's the link if you want to find out more:

I could'nt quite make it into a link so just right it down and type it into the web address box
I agree with this a lot, frequently when I am doing a task I am not enjoying i do my very best to make a game out of it, and yes it does make things better! =D
Unfortunately playing at work is a little unrealistic for some people. I work in a pretty professional environment where breaks are only 15 mins, hardly enough time to do anything and most of the time is taken at my desk. Lunch is half an hour but still you have to eat sometime. I listen to Disney music in the car and play when I get home. It just isn't practical for me, wish it was though. :dontgetit:
I bookmarked the article, wonderful, I can really use this!!!
Glad it came as useful for you, magnolia, happy playing! And don't forget try to include play into work!
Yeah most jobs do not really warrant playing games during work. Most places you get 15 minute breaks and a 30 minute lunch break. They way to build relationship and actual friendships is through communication. Have fun helps yes but there really are not many jobs that you can sit down and play games during.
Your parents tell you not to play with your food, but as a cook I play with food all the time. Sometimes I throw food at my coworkers, nothing that can stain their clothes of course hehe.
This is why I prefer to do freelance work—I get more time to play to this way.
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