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So how many of you change after each use? Myself I usually set a time frame. It's usually a shift at work. If it's a twelve hour shift I usually end up with some damp clothes from leaks. But I'm okay with that.
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I change every 8 to 10 hours on average.
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with Tena pull-ups - sometimes it’s one and done.

I charged my Tena Slip Ultima after one pee today because it stank of pee. Didn’t want my wife smelling that when she got home. Kinda sad to waste that diaper like that but better than stinking the house up and dealing with that embarrassment afterwards
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Rarely will I use a diaper for wetting one time and change. Usually, I will wear for multiple wettings before changing.

If I poop, I will change after no more than an hour or so.
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I normally change every 4 to 6 hours. I average 4 diapers per day. 3 during the daytime and 1 overnight diaper.
When I pad up for overnight at home I wear a cloth contour(s) or prefold with doubler(s), a folded terry bath towel, and a folded terry hand towel for a liner to make messy cleanup easier I can go up to 24 hours. When out of the house I usually wear a cloth contour with a doubler and the folded terry hand towel or if the logistics of dealing with a used cloth diaper is too much of a hassle I’ll wear Abena Abri-Form M-4s. The Abenas I wear for several settings until they’re at capacity. Wearing 24/7 due to dual ic can get expensive if you change with every wetting so I do what I can to extend time between changes.
I get a change when I need one, which is hopefully just before the nappy I’m wearing leaks.
I like to max out my disposables
I change every 4-6 hours no matter how full my diaper is. My wife is a night owl and she checks my diaper throughout the night and prompts me to change.
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Fill it, then bin it 😂

Mostly anyway…
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If I'm wearing a pull up or similarly low absorbency product I will change after one.
Sometimes one wetting then I'll change, but it really depends on the mood I'm in. 99% of all my diapers are ABDL diapers and one wetting is sort of a waste of a diaper versus the cost. Now a diaper change is one of the most sensual aspects of being a DL so changing often into a fresh dry powdered diaper really gets the motor running. So there are times that it'll be one and done multiple times during a diaper day but it's rare. Most of the time it's 3 to 4 wettings or a poop and a few wettings before changing.
I like to get my moneys worth out of a diaper, so I usually wear one as long as I can without a catastrophic leak. It doesn’t hurt that I enjoy the feeling of a thick squishy diaper between my legs.

If I’m wearing out of the house I’m slightly more conservative and take into consideration how quickly I’m wetting and what opportunities to change exist when timing my changes.

If I’m not well hydrated or have been eating foods that cause my urine to smell strongly I may consider and early change as well.
From 2 to 3 but mostly as needed !!
You gotta fill that sucker up!!!
I usually change a good diaper around 4-6 A northshore pull up usualy after 2 a regular on after 1
I always usually wet my diaper entirely or change after I end up making stink

Sometimes leaks happen but that's part of being diapered, that's why I try to wear clothes that a leak isn't so revealing or leaves a wet spot (black clothing works well for this)

Lot I've learned and grown accustomed to after wearing 24/7 for over a year now.

I can understand why some people go once and change but it's definitely not for me. People who had to wear in public workspaces or we're around people a lot, maybe even physical work would want one and change so odor and rubbing aren't a factor but personally I don't have a reason to change after the first wetting
With lower cost pull-ups, it is changed at the first opportunity. For cheap "for accident prevention" diapers (briefs), I'll wear until they start to smell or get near saturation. For overnight diapers like the TENA Super, it stays on until morning with a change after getting out of bed.
Back when I was still working in the office and not from home, I would change in the morning so I would be fresh and dry for work. I would then change first thing when I got home even if I wasn't fully soaked yet. It was just nice to have a fresh diaper when kicking off the evening. I would change again right before bed.

Once Covid hit, and I was working from home, I would leave my nighttime diaper on and get to enjoy the soggy wet feeling for the first hour or two of work. I would then change when I got worried about a leak or when I wanted to feel dry again. I would then intentionally drink a lot of water to fully utilize my diaper in the shorter amount of time than a full workday. Once I was done for the day, I would change into a male guard and go exercise because sitting at home all day working, and then sitting at home all evening relaxing needs something in-between to keep you sane. I would then shower and put on a real diaper for the evening. Ofcourse a fresh one before bed.

Summer is different though as I can't stay in the same diaper for as long without it getting uncomfortable. I change as needed for comfort rather than only when I am soaked, which is rarely more than every 3-4 hours. I also usually opt for a pull up during summer as they are more breathable and because they are cheaper so I can change more often for the same price.

I also often don't wear a diaper at night when it is really hot in order to wet the bed properly and wake up soaked just like kids did before goodnites were invented. I only do this during summer when it is too hot for a blanket, and I will only have to wash wet jammies. Not the most hygienic thing, but it is a very interesting feeling waking up with wet pajamas and knowing that I might be forced to start wearing diapers again if I keep wetting the bed.
No. I normally change in the morning and before bed. I wear a Megamax with a booster that goes fine all day and then an Abena m4 at night.