On and off relationship with my little side

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Since I discovered this side of my self, I've also noticed that my abdl interests and desires tend to peak or dip at certain points in my life. Sometimes I'll be very deeply engrossed in it, wearing diapers every day and using them very often, sleeping with a pacifier, regressing, posting on here regularly, etc. I'm actually going through one of those peaks right now, which is probably why I've been on here so much lately. My little side just feels more alive. Then, when something else big comes up in my life, my little side will just sorta just fade into the background. The desires and fantasies are still there but very toned down. It doesn't play that integral role in my life that it had just days ago, and it tends to stay that way for quite awhile. Then eventually it will come back as strong as ever.

Anyone else go through this occasionally? Why do you think that happens?
I think that's pretty natural. I can't think of many interests that I have that remain completely consistent over time. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't ;)
yup this is perfectly normal at least for me
I've been drawing all my life and it is the same, too.
Exactly what Trevor said. I have had many hobbies and interests over the years and all of them have faded and reemerged, some many times. I couple of years ago, I started reading the Harry Potter books. I couldn't put them down. My ABDL and other things were put on hold. Since then, I haven't read any books (newspapers, websites, yes, just not books). And my ABDL also fades and reemerges.

So - you are normal.
Some days I do feel like that too. If I had a bad day. My AB side really helps and claims me down too.
I don't think that the peaks and troughs of interest have anything to do with ABDL, they're just the way people are with interests and activities. I'll have months when I watch a lot of sport, others where I hardly watch any but read a lot of books. And vice-versa. We do something for a while and enjoy it, then we tire of it for a bit, and then usually return to that interest when it seems fresh or exciting or simply just what you need again.

I have periods when I'm little a lot and regress quite quickly, and other times when I don't have any desire to engage with that side of myself. It's always been that way.
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