Ok to store diapers in suitcase

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I have to temporarily store diapers in a suitcase for the next few days. Is it ok to store diapers in a suitcase? I am worried about the tapes not being as sticky.
Absolutely no problem, if it's for a few days then it's ok, they loose the adhesive after long periods of storage, probably years.
Ok, thank you!
I always keep at least two in my carry on at all times, zipped up. These can sit in there for months between trips and I have never had a problem with tapes or loss of absorbancy.
I have some diapers that have been stored in a box for like probably nearing 2 decades and the tapes are still fine.
If you leave them in the sealed bags, I cannot see any problems with tapes not sticking. On the other hand should it be an issue, duck tape is your friend.
I have some very old cheap ones stored unsealed in the loft. I use duct tape to reinforce the seals. This has the advantage that I can vary the lengths to suit my 'shape'. Good brands of diapers seem to retain quality indefinitely.
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