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Ohhh let's intro!

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  1. Diaper Lover
Hello everyone I'm a semi selfaccepted diaper lover who loves reading military sci fi / alternate universe fiction, pizza (thick crust of course), zoids, the daily show with Jon Stewart, team fortress 2, and really thick disposable diapers. Wow that was a rambling grammatical nightmare of a sentence. Anyways I hope that my stay here will be at least tolerated. *Hsssssssss* ...auggh! *kaBOOM* [ahem due to an unfortunate incident with a creeper this username will be temporarily unavailable please leave any questions comments gripes and compliments below].
Uh...Welcome genericnamedl! That was one of the most entertaining intros I've seen here! We tolerate everyone here. That's what makes this site so great. I, however, prefer thin crust pizza. :)
I second that, and almost any pizza is good for me. Please sprinkle some of that charisma around the forum. Welcome.
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