Oh, what a night!


Little when I can, padded when I can.
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Just thought I'd share a little of my amazing night.
I have an amazing wife, who knows about my little side and has always said she accepts it. Well, tonight my brilliant wife truly became my mummy too.
This evening, at bedtime, mummy produced a bottle of warm milk from nowhere and simply fed me. But halfway through, she said "oops, I forgot something" then pulled out a Rears Critter Caboose, layer me down and padded me up.
After finishing my bottle, mummy told me to sleep well but if I get wet not to worry she will change me.
So, right now I haveca very wet nappy that mummy will hopefully change soon.
I really am one lucky little.
Sweet dreams all.
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Take good care of her, and remember what she needs and wants comes first. You have found a UNICORN with a huge heart dont ever forget that.

Im really happy for you.
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