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Oh, well...

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baby kiffer

Hello everybody.

*wow, deja vu :confused:*

Well, I doesn't hurt to be registered temporarily, so I've decided to register and begin posting again.

It's funny how much we all change over our lifetimes, isn't it?

I mean, will we still have this interest later in life?

For me, at least, I am beginning to think that this small part of me is vitally important to my current well-being, and I am sure it will be for several years.

But who knows?

Anyways, it's great to see everyone again. :D *waves*

See you in the other forums!

*plays calvary charge*


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Welcome back, baby kiffer :)

For a while there, you were unsure of this aspect of your personality. Now you seem to have turned around a bit, and I'm glad to see you back in the fold. Stay only for as long as it's comfortable . . .


good luck and high scores on your finals !!!
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Glad to see you come back! I hope you enjoy it here!

I think the "interest" we all have in relation to this site will always be with us, whether we act on it or not, it will always be a thought/fantasy in our minds. Thats just my assumption, from expeirance though.
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