Odd Engagement


Diaper Lover, Little
I wrote this a while ago and figured there was nothing I could do with it

Guy walked through the expo center, mostly to get away from the heat, but also because he curious as to what he would come across. The showroom was overrun with food stands, appliance demos, home décor, but the section he was most curious about was a rather large section dedicated to sexual stimulants and romantic attire. He’d walked past it as to not show any immediate interest but really that was all he’d cared to venture into. After about twenty minutes of idling around and pretending to be in search for something of casual value, he slyly stepped into the risqué section of the showroom as he quick stepped around, again not to let on how legitimately intrigued he was.

He found the usual leather, chains, mini-skirts, and thong ware, all of which was moderately stimulating at first glance, but what really caught his eye was a booth displaying baby wear for adults. He thought it would be strange should he be seen in that area so he avoided it for some time. He paced back from one end to the other, passing by the booth every time and every time he’d sneak a quick glance as to what was on display. At one point he’d taken notice of one of the display girls, a rather cute one in his personal taste, with medium long black hair in pig tails, beautiful dark eyes with large wing tipped eyelashes, and a lovely hourglass figure rapped tight in an adult sized onesie. He walked by her again and again noticing new details every time like the bib she wore around her neck, the pacifier she’d occasionally suckle on, fluffy striped socks, and the obvious bulge of a large bulky diaper underneath her outfit.

By I certain point he wasn’t even looking around, he was just thinking about that girl, wondering who she was and how long she’d been in that kind of work. His palms become sweaty, his knees buckled and he was even around her at the time. Eventually he cracked and decided if he was going to accomplish anything that day, it would be to talk to her. When the time came he walked up to the booth slowly as if he’d just now noticed the place, but she must have seen him coming from a mile away for every time he glanced over to her she would glance at him. Caught in the act he did what he had to do; speak.

Guy “You guys selling baby clothes.”

Taylor “Yeah. You interested in ABDL?”

Guy “What’s that?”

Taylor “It stands for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover. It’s adults that like to pretend to be babies.”

Guy “Oh. No, not really. Is that outfit comfortable?”

Taylor “Yeah.”

Guy “What’s your name?’

Taylor “It’s Taylor. And you are?”

Guy “Guy.”

Taylor “Nice to meet you Guy.”

Guy “How long you been doin’ this?”

Taylor “Oh about a year now. I got started modeling for these guys last summer. We’ve been touring the state ever since.”

Guy “Where you from originally.”

Taylor “I’m from San Francisco, not too far from here actually.”

Guy “So am I.”

Taylor “That’s awesome! What do you do?”

Guy “I’m a sale representative for camera and lighting equipment. That’s how I ended up here.”

Taylor “That’s great. So would you by any chance be interested in our supply here.”

He was hoping she’d ask something along those lines.

Guy “Well not really. I haven’t worn diapers since I was a baby. But then again just because you don’t need something anymore doesn’t mean you have to necessarily give it up.”

Taylor “My sentiments exactly. Would you like to try a sample pack?”

Guy “I don’t know. Are they really comfortable?”

Taylor “Yes, they are.”

Guy “Do you like wearing them in public like that?”

Taylor “I don’t mind. I mean, it’s a job.”

Guy “So do you just do it for the money?”

Taylor “No. I dress up like this on my own time.”

Guy “Fascinating. Are they absorbent?”

Taylor “Yes. Baby Cute diapers are always super absorbent and completely leak proof. We also have plastic diaper covers for extra protection for when you’re playing around.”

Guy “Sound like a great deal. Any in my size.”

Taylor “Sure! What size are you?”

Guy “I don’t know.”

Taylor “You look like a size twenty-nine. You’d need smalls. Would you like talcum powder and a cover to go along?”

Guy “I don’t know. Do I need those things? Remember I’ve never done this before. I’m sorry.”

Taylor “Tell you what. Since you seem unsure, you can meet me at this address, it’s a motel right around the corner. I’ll be staying there while this expo is going on all week. If you want you can stop by and I’ll give you a demonstration.”

She wrote here address on a slip of paper and handed it to Guy.

Guy “Should you really be accepting strangers into your motel room?”

Taylor “It’s okay. I know how to defend myself. Plus I trust you.”

Guy “Yes, but should I trust you.”

Taylor “You’ll just have to come and find out.”

She gave Guy a quick wink of an eye right before he walked off and never looked back.

Much later on, Guy eventually drew up the courage to go over to the motel address he’d been directed to, his palms sweaty once again and his hands shaking with nerves as they usually get when he thinks he’s about to meet an attractive young woman, especially one under such bizarre circumstances such as this. He came to the door and knocked upon it hesitantly. A few muffled sounds later, Taylor answered the door dressed in the normal attire of a shirt and jeans.

Taylor “Hey, how are you doing? Come on in.”

Guys stepped in. Taylor shut the door behind him as he just stood there too afraid to move.

Guy “Nice place.”

Taylor “Yeah it’s pretty nice.”

They both stood staring at each other awkwardly, neither knowing how else to segue into the business they’d agreed to do.

Taylor “So, wanna have a seat? I’ll go get some things from the back. Go ahead, sit on the bed.”

Guy “So, you frequently invite men into your place to baby them?”

Taylor “No, not really.”

Guy “You know, I’ve never done anything like this before.”

Taylor “Like what?”

Guy “I don’t know. Go into a strange girl’s motel and let her do whatever it is you’re gonna do to me.”

Taylor “Trust me I’m new to this to.”

Guy “Then why did you let me in?”

Taylor “Cause. You seem trusting. After all you came didn’t you.”

Guy “Yes. So what is it you have in store for me?”

Taylor “Just hold up.”

Taylor came back with her arms filled with blankets, a bib, a bottle of talcum powder, and a large diaper with teddy bears printed on it.

Taylor “Okay, get undressed.”

Guy looked at her with uncertainty.

Taylor “Just your pants.”

Guy “Are you sure. That’s pretty intimate and I don’t really know you.”

Taylor “If you don’t want to do this, it’s fine. You can leave if you want.”

Guy “No, I’m just saying.”

Guy slipped off his shoes and unzipped his pants. He looked at Taylor for a moment as she just looked back and gave a comforting smile. He dropped his pants and tossed them aside before taking hold of his shorts.

Guy “Are you sure you’d mind my bare ass on the bed.”

Taylor “Here.”

Taylor laid down a blanket. Guys slide off his short, exposing himself to Taylor and sending his adrenalin sky rocketing. He noticed his penis was shriveled up and obscured by his unmanaged pubic hair.

Guy “I didn’t have a chance to shave before coming over.”

Taylor “You’re alright. Lay down.”

Gay sat on the bed and scooched himself back into a comfortable position, his legs noticeably shaking. Taylor stood before his open legs and put her hand on his knees to spread them further about. She picked up the diaper and unfolded it. She glanced up to Guy as the two made eye contact once again.

Guy “You know, the only woman I’d ever let do this was my mother, but that’s only because she dropped me from her whom.”

Taylor gave a laugh.

Taylor “Okay just lay back.”

She lifted Guy’s buttocks and slid the diaper underneath his bottom. She then got out the clean white bottle of talcum powder and began to dump it on.

Guy “Are you sure you should be using talcum powder. I read that women could get ovarium cancer from that.”

Taylor “It’s fine. I use it all the time.”

Guy “Well you just haven’t gotten the cancer yet.”

Taylor laughed again, a winning streak for Guy.

Taylor “I’m sure I’m okay.”

Guy suddenly felt the blood flowing to his pelvis as his looked down and noticed his penis becoming erect. Taylor must not have noticed, or even cared really, as she put down the talcum bottle and lifted the front fold of the diaper over his legs. She gently put her hand over his pelvis while lifting up the tabs to secure the diaper in place. She lifted one of the tabs on the left side and stuck it on nice and snug along with the second tab that was secured around his leg. Then she slowly switched hands, putting her other hand on his pelvis like before as she pulled the other tabs over and secured them, snug into place. She then moved her hands around his legs and began tucking the diaper in to make it look nice and neat before finishing up by pulling the diaper up around his waist to make sure it was snug tight.

Taylor “There. So cute.”

Guy gave an awkward look of embarrassment. Taylor noticed what seemed like uncertainty and acted quickly to comfort him.

Taylor “I mean it! Look at yourself.”

Guy rose up and gradually felt the diaper snug around his waist with his hand, the plastic outer layer and the cotton padding feeling soft and crinkly.

Guy “Nice. It’s comfortable.”

Taylor “It really is. Here!”

Taylor got out a pacifier and gently popped it in his mouth, holding on to it as he started suckling on it.

Taylor “Is it nice?”

Guy nodded his head in agreement. He then took the rubber nipple out of his mouth as to speak.

Guy “Is that a baby bottle?”

Taylor “Yeah! Wanna try it?”

Guy “Well I drink much milk.”

Taylor “You don’t have to have milk. I’ve got Coke, Pepsi, water.”

Guy “Any protein shakes.”

Taylor “Yeah actually!”

Guy “Oh! Okay then.”

Taylor “I’ll get it for you.”

Taylor opened up the room’s mini fridge and got out a bottle of plain vanilla protein shake. She poured the shake into the baby bottle and capped it off with the rubber nipple before giving it a shake. She sat down on the bed next to Guy and patted her thigh as to welcome him onto her lap. Guy scotched over and sat on Taylor’s thigh as she swung her arm around his waist to hold him close. She then stuck the rubber nipple of the bottle in his mouth as he began suckling on it, squirting the cold shake into his mouth. As he drank from the bottle, Guy decided to move his hand and place it on top of Taylor’s breast. He feared she would draw his hand away but she seemed to pay little mind to it. As Guy warmed up to the act, he laid his head on her shoulder as she used her free hand to stroke his soft hair.

He was afraid to admit it, especially with the bottle in his mouth, but he quick to find himself well at ease with his current position and was enjoying himself far more than he’d ever imagined he would. He could feel his body tingle though, upon feeling a wetness in the diaper from pre-seminal fluid, creating a fear that he may unintentionally ejaculate while in the diaper and risk somehow drawing attention from Taylor. She was cute and well likeable, but for a person who did not know him he dreaded making an awkward mess of himself in front of her. He slowly pushed her hand away once he’d had enough of the bottle and remained comfortably clung around her chest. She put the bottle down on the bed side next to her and hugged him close to her bosom. She was warm and her shirt was soft, with a smell of perfume to it that made his body tingle with each whiff of air.

Guy “So how long have you been doing this kind of stuff.”

Taylor “Oh, since I was about sixteen. I had a friend was in to experimenting with this kind of stuff, S and M, leather, that kind of stuff. She introduced me to role playing with school dresses, onesies, pacifiers, all of it.”

Guy “Well that’s… hot.”

Taylor laughed again.

Taylor “Yeah.”

Guy “You know, this is kind of soothing.”

Taylor “Is it.”

Guy “Are you embarrassed, I mean I’ve seen you dressed like this in public, but were you ever embarrassed by this.”

Taylor “Not really. I mean it wasn’t something I’d originally announce to everyone, but over time it just became an inseparable part of my life.”

Guy “Was selling this stuff for first choice for work.”

Taylor “No, not really. I studied education and psychology in college.”

Guy “Oh! So you understand exactly why you’re in to this kind of behavior then.”

Taylor “Sort of. It’s mostly just a fetish thing for me. I’m not trying to cope with any personal trauma or anything.”

Guy “Well that’s nice. So why so people like it.”

Taylor “It’s just fun and romantic to others. It’s sexually tantalizing to be babied by someone, get all dressed up and taken care of. I don’t, either you’re aroused by it or not. You know.”

Guy “Yeah. Hey, I gotta piss.”

Taylor “Okay.”

Taylor held on to him. Guy suddenly felt awkward as he needed to get up to use the bathroom.

Guy “You gonna let me go?”

Taylor “Why?”

Guy “I have to piss.”

Taylor just gave him a look of bewilderment as if to suggest he should just go in his diaper. Guy froze as he thought about it for a moment.

Guy “Will you change me?”

Taylor “Yes, I’ll change you.”

Guy began to sweat at the thought was what he’d committed himself to do. He had difficulty in actually being able to go though, with the act of trying to wet himself arousing him into getting an erection which prevented him from being able to pee.

Guy “You know, this is very intimate for two people who don’t know each other. I mean I’d thought I’d have to be dating a girl for a while before I let her change my diapers. Why did you invite me in?”

Taylor “I thought it would be interesting. I mean, you seem nice and cute. I figured there’d be no harm if you were okay with it. And if you weren’t a killer or anything. Were you interested in this stuff when you approached our booth?”

Guy “Kind of. I just thought it was kind of interesting you guy’s selling baby accessories for adults.”

Taylor laughed again, soothing his soul. He’d relaxed enough to let loose his bladder and before he knew it he could feel the diaper warming up. At first he couldn’t even tell if he was peeing but after sometime he could feel the diaper become soaked between his legs and weigh down on his pelvis.

Taylor “Yeah, it can seem kind of strange to others.”

Guy “Do all your friends know you do this?”

Taylor “Sort of. Not all I guess. But it’s not like I mind telling people. It’s just a part of who I am. My parents were shocked when they found out I was doing this.”

Guy “I wouldn’t be surprised. Hey Taylor.”

Taylor “Yeah.”

Guy “Can you change me?”

Taylor “Of course.”

Taylor moved him off her lap and onto the bed. She got up and dug around a diaper bag in the corner, digging out a fresh, folded diaper, baby wipes and the bottle of talcum powder.

Taylor “Scooch back.”

Guy moved back onto the bed and laid down with his legs spread up and open as before. Taylor set the changing diaper, wipes and powder aside and begun to peel the tabs off his diaper. She slowly folded the heavy diaper up having been completely soaked, the smell of urine quickly reaching his nose. His penis was partially erect and his whole pelvis was wet though she obviously didn’t mind by this point. She slid the wet diaper out from under him and rolled it up before tossing it in a nearby trash bin.

She pulled out one of her wet wipes and began to wipe him down from his crouch to his anus. As much as he’d resisted, his penis inevitably began to twitch from the arousal of it all. He looked at Taylor’s face to see her expression fearing she may mock him for some reason. She kept the same sweet and subtle smile though, even grabbing him by the head of his penis to clean him up without any hesitation or awkward tension. When he’d been wiped clean she tossed out the wet wipe and unfolded the clean diaper to slide underneath him. The diapering process played out the same as before only this time he was slightly more erect. Once the diaper was tucked and secured he rose up.

Guy “Thank you. That was quite helpful. You done that before?

Taylor “Several times. Mostly with actual children.”

Guy “Well all that practice paid off.”

Taylor “Thank you. It’s not every day you get applauded for wiping a man’s ass.”

Guy “I guess not. Have you ever been changed before?”

Taylor “Oh yeah. Many times.”

Guy “Would you like it if I changed you?”

Taylor “You want to change me?”

Guy “Repay a favor.”

Taylor “Of course. Just give me a minute.”

She walked around the corner into the bathroom for a minute as Guy could hear the rustling of bottles and other accessories. An opening of a bottle and a minute of running faucet water later she returned, unbuttoning her pants in front of Guy, sending his blood rushing even more so than it had been. She slid her pants down to her ankles and pulled her legs out.

Taylor “I take it you’ve never done this before.”

Guy “Done what?”

Taylor “Changed a diaper.”

Guy “Just babies. But no one as cute as you before.”

Taylor “Aww. You’re too sweet.”

She stood before him in her short sleeved shirt, socks, and pair of cheeky black briefs. She walked over to the bed as Guy got up to make room for her. She slid out of her panties and tossed them over on top of her pants laying on the floor. She hopped up on the bed as though she was filled with glee, spreading her legs open and baring her complete nakedness. She bore a large, almost deviant grin on her face as she exposed her bare crotch to Guy who by this point had begun to really sweat.

He’d laid out a diaper and talcum powder just as he’d seen her do it and lifted her buttocks off the bed a little to position the diaper in place. He sat her back down and quickly began to gently sprinkle her bottom with talcum powder. He looked up at her to gage her expression as a determinate as to how well he was preforming and found her with a relaxed smile upon her face. He then folded the diaper up between her legs and over her pelvis like she’d done to him, pulled the tabs over and fixed them into place. He tugged on the diaper to make sure it was wrapped around her snug and tight before tucking it in.

Guy “Feel nice?”

Taylor “Yes. Thank you. Can you get me that pacifier?”

Guy got the pacifier sitting on top her diaper bag and carefully placed it in her mouth as she began suckling on it.

Guy “You know, any woman can look hot in panties and thongs, but you’re the only girl I know who looks best in a diaper.”


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