Odd Engagement Part 3: An Evening in Diapers


Diaper Lover, Little
The next morning, Guy sat up in bed, the blinds still closed over the window. Craig could be heard in the kitchen, hastily making his breakfast while packing his bags in a complete rush after having waken up late. Guy looked over his emails and checked out his news feeds as was his usual morning ritual. His thoughts still fixed on his engagement with Taylor the night . . .

Guy “Damn it.”

Guy suddenly remembered that his diaper supply was still hidden under his bed. It seemed alright as long as Craig was leaving soon, but he still felt stupid and reckless over such a negligible yet critical situation.

He'd lost track of things wasting the night away looking over Taylor's Twitter page. From what he could tell she was kinky and expressive while also insightful and what he could consider to be well cultured, though not his type specifically, whatever that type may be. Despite this he still felt this sudden urge in his stomach to send her a message, at least just one to say hello and maybe get a reply back. Though he didn't want to get his hopes up for that. He'll send something short and innocent. It would be the courteous thing to do after all for her being so kind to him.

He opened Twitter and got into the messenger, but could send anything directly to her. His attempts seemed easily foiled, yet he still urged to make some form of communication. A comment on one of her posts, that's an idea. He quickly scrolled through her post history and took notice of a picture of her dressed as a playboy bunny (and he thought her in diapers looked hot).

He typed up a comment, then erased it. Typed up another, then erased that too. He finally settled for what was first on his mind.

“And I thought you looked hot in diapers.”

Reply. And follow while he's at it. Is that too much? Who cares he thought to himself.

Guy felt a sense of accomplishment, carrying on with a young woman he hardly knew and would likely never see again. A beautiful young woman he hardly knew and would likely never see again. A beautiful young sexy woman he hardly knew and would likely never see again. He felt like he was maybe taking too much joy out of this. He made a mental note to try and get a life later on.

Craig “Hey Guy, I made some left over scrabbled egg. I'll put it in the fridge if you want...”

Brie “I want some.”

Craig “Never mind.”

Brie was in the apartment. Guy's sense of confidence and accomplishment suddenly turned to embarrassment. Brie was the woman he had a crush on. Their relationship was hardly even platonic yet it was a relationship none the less, more so than whatever it was he had with Taylor. But then again Taylor's seen him naked, something he couldn't imagine being comfortable with around Brie. He liked her and wanted to admire her from a more intellectual and respectable manner, though he did once dream of seeing her naked. Guy feared that deep down he was more perverted than he really knew himself to be. Either way, he was looking forward to having dinner with her and Craig that evening.

He closed his browser, shut his lap top, and prepared himself to see Brie again. He always found himself getting a bit nervous before seeing her, it was just something he could never control. Strange how is feelings and impulses deviate from his so called sense of reason. Brie was but a woman he liked, at least as a friend, and there was no reason why he should make things unnecessarily awkward between them.

Guy stepped out the bed room, making sure he shut the door behind him. And there she was, leaning over the kitchen counter, her arms crossed, hair back, and bright smile to her face. She wore a long sleeved belly shirt, skin tight jeans, and converse sneakers. She looked fantastic, although she could be in unwashed pajama pants and over sized white t shirt and still look drop dead gorgeous to Guy.

Brie was chatting it up with Craig who was rushing back and forth between the counter and his suit cases, eating and packing at the same time. Guy just stood there unsure of what to do with himself.

Craig “So yeah, I'll be back in a few days. But next Friday I should free to go check out the new fair that's going on down town.”

Brie “Cool. I've been thinking we could try going to... Hey Guy! How are you doing?”

Guy “Fine. How are...”

Brie “Me and Craig's going to the fair next Friday. You wanna come?”

Craig “Yeah it should be pretty fun dude.”

Guy “I'm not sure yet.”

(He wanted to go)

Guy “What about dinner tonight?”

Craig “Sorry about that man. Found out I had to leave earlier than expected.”

Brie “Cause you didn't check to see if your plane was for AM of PM.”

Craig “At least I don't need to worry about rushing back home to get my stuffed animals after forgetting to bring them on a trip.”

Guy suddenly felt a little aroused, and a little awkward at the same time.

Brie “Shut up. My stuffed animals are fine.”

Craig “Sure.”

Guy, suddenly feeling confident, walks smoothly over near Brie.

Guy “So Brie .…............. if Craig can't make it, would you still be up for dinner tonight?”

Brie “No.”

Guy's stomach just churned.

Brie “I think I should start being more productive with my time and actually do my homework for once.”

Guy “Oh yes. How is life as a studying nurse?”

(He kind of didn't care)

Brie “It's fine. Just fine.”

Craig “Okay, I'm all packed. Can you give me a hand?”

Brie “Sure.”

Brie whisked past Guy and helped Craig with his luggage.

Craig “Well I got to be heading out. Can you get the door for Guy?”

Guy slowly made his way to the door and opened it wide, squeezing himself against the wall to make room as Craig and Brie rushed by.

Craig “See you in a few days Guy.”

Brie “Yeah, see ya.”

Before he could think of what to say, the two were out the door and down the hall. In the far off distance, Guy could hear the two still bickering with each other. He shut the door and was left alone was more, though this time a bit depressed, with Brie and Craig off having their own time together and he with nothing to do. It was moments like these he actually dreaded for boredom and sorrow would usually have him seeking bizarre ways of entertaining himself.


He spent an hour listening to music, another watching television re-runs. He watched videos online, did his laundry, and are pretty much straight junk food through out the day. All was the same tired stuff he'd always been doing since he moved into the apartment. He thought of going out, but didn't know where to go. He then remembered the car and that there was something he was meaning to do with it. But what?

It was about to drive him crazy. It was something he was really concerned about. Get gas? Clean it out? Put something in? That's it! But what? He remembered.

The diapers!

He was in no hurry now, but he feared delaying the duty would make it more likely he'd forget again.

Guy went into the bedroom, his chest was beating just thinking about the stuff. He knelt down next to the bed and pulled out the bin that was concealing the supply. He then pulled out the bulk pack of diapers and held it tight between his hands. He cushioned it a little just to feel how soft they were one last time. He wouldn't have admitted it, but deep down he felt just the slightest sensation holding them once again. Guy continued to pull out the rest of the supply. He didn't particularly need to, but he felt compelled to see the contents once more. The bottle, which looked nice and clean. The pacifiers, which looked, for lack of any better words, succulent. The baby wipes, which honestly he could still keep around. And the talcum powder, which he couldn't think of how often he would be in need of, unless of course he wanted to wear diapers again.

But he would feel stupid, let alone pathetic wearing them on a lonely evening in the apartment space he shared, where his few friends would hang out at, with people right next door doing normal person things. What would others think of him? What would he think of himself? Then again he never thought of such things before in this way. Hell, he even walked around butt naked on occasion when he didn't have time to dress and Craig definitely wasn't around. But diapers are strange, at least for someone to wear them for fun like he did with Taylor.

He thought back to when he'd diapered her, how trusting she must have been. And how trusting he must have been to let her diaper him, and change him none the less. So strange, yet...

Guy looked at the diaper pack once more. He squeezed the pack, feeling the softness and hearing the crinkling of the diapers all neatly bunched together. His legs began to shake, his palms sweaty. If he could spend an evening engaging in odd pleasures with Taylor and keep it a secret, why not now by himself, he's honestly done awkward things by himself before. Besides, he now found something he felt genuinely compelled to do, and today may as well be a lost day anyway.

Guy quickly closed all the blinds in the apartment. He turned on the lights in the bedroom and picked up the diaper pack. He froze thinking of what to do next. A diapering obviously, but where? Standing up? He'd never done that before. Laying down, on his bed. He neatly laid out a towel on the bed, just in case he made a mess with the powder. The powder! He definitely couldn't forget that. May as well be thorough when committing to something like this. The worst thing he could do now is botch the whole procedure.

He gently opened the diaper pack and slid out diaper, nice and folded up, tucked in tight with the others. Guy pulled down his pants and this shorts. It was a bit cold in the room, yet he was getting aroused anyway. He laid down on the towel he'd placed out and positioned his buttocks in the center. He laid back, just as he'd done with Taylor guiding him, but now he was to do it himself. He remained still for a moment, taking in the experience and trying to contain his sudden excitement.

Guy leaned up again and took the diaper in his hands which shook almost violently as he tried to unfold it. He rose his buttocks up off the bed and slid the open diaper into place, lowering himself into it again and again just to make sure he was in the correct position. He took the talcum powder and tried ever so slightly to sprinkle it over his butt, a task that was difficult to do by himself. The powder sudden dumped out in a huge cloud of talcum, causing him to cough. Already he was embarrassed to be screwing up so soon.

Enough with the powder he thought and he laid back again. He crunched up a little to reach for the front of the diaper. Raising it between his legs, he began to tremble a little. His privates, once flaccid, was now becoming slightly erect, something he didn't want to have happen now. Delicately, he pulled the diaper through his thighs and up over his pelvis, covering it up like a soft cushion. He didn't want to risk any premature wetting so he backed off a little to calm himself.

Guy waited still for a moment, half diapered. When he felt as though everything was clear he brought the diaper down again and quickly pulled the tabs over. First one side, then after switching hands, the other. He was in a diaper again. He gently sat up and tried to stand up.

The diaper hung loose on him and sagged down below his waist line. The tabs weren't tight enough. A bit frustrated, guy laid back down, got into changing position again, and undid the tabs. He pulled the diaper up, snug around his pelvis and stretched the tabs up far this time. Even when tightened the diaper still felt comfortable. Guy stood up, the diaper remained firm in place. He tried stepping forward a bit, the diaper was thick and heavily padded between his legs making him waddle a bit. It was awkward.

He sat back down on the bed and thought of what was to come next. He was wearing the diaper, which was pleasantly soft, but now what? He remembered his time with Taylor and how it was to be babied. He reached down under the bed and pulled out the pacifiers. Was he really going to open both products up tonight? Yes.

He opened the pack up with a pair of scissors he had conveniently nearby and took out the baby blue pacifier. Blue was his favorite out of the pack. Guy put the pacifier in his move and gave it a swish around. It didn't taste like much, but it had a nice chew to it. He laid back on further on his bed and suckled for a moment.

He suddenly had this urge, one to lift his legs in the air. He didn't know if it was because of the bulk of the diaper or just the nature of the situation, but he did it. He kicked his legs up in the air way up above his stomach. Then, almost by nature, he began to kick them around a little, like a baby would. He kicked and he scooted a little, even grabbing his feet with his hands as though he just couldn't resist.

Guy began to roll from side to side when he suddenly realized something strange. He was having fun. An absolute blast even. He liked the diaper, even thinking it looked cute on him. He'd already forgotten he was sucking on a pacifier and the diaper, despite the bulk, felt as though it was just a part of him. He reached down and gently put his hand on the diaper, feeling its smooth, crinkly texture. The padded underside between his legs felt almost like a small pillow or bundle of cotton.

Guy thought again of what to do. Even with thrill of it all he couldn't remain laying on the bed playing with his feet. Then it hit him.


He sat up on the bed then rolled over on his hands and knees. He raised his buttocks high in the air and wattled it around a little, the diaper still swaddled snug around his waist and bottom. He rocked gently back and forth for a moment. The bed was soft but too confining. He got down onto the floor which was hard on his knees. Guy then began to crawl around the limited space he had, moving around the bed, to the door and back again several times. The diaper felt more comfortable while crawling than walking, the bulk of the padding being mostly around his butt. He sat up on the floor. The room was too confining.

The living room!

Guy wouldn't dare though. It felt embarrassingly naughty. But what didn't by this point? He crawled over to the door and peeked out as if to be on the look out. He knew Craig was gone, but as paranoid as he was with what he was doing it felt only to be proper precaution. With the coast obviously clear, Guy crawled out into the living room, the carpet just as rough as in the bed room. He crawled around the coffee table, to the television and back to the couch.

He crawled and crawled till his legs began to hurt, exhausting yet another experience. Now what?

The bottle!

Might as well by this point. He retrieved the bottle and the rubber nipples and poured himself a vanilla protein shake, white like milk. He returned to the bed room and sat back on the bed, legs spread out bottle in hand. He'd set the pacifier aside and stuck the rubber nipple of the bottle in its place, just as Taylor had done. And just like with Taylor, he enjoyed it just fine enough. He rubbed his free hand over the diaper again, for some reason he just couldn't resist the soft texture of it. He suddenly began to feel himself become erect again. He quickly pulled his hand away and tried to divert his thoughts to other matters to try and calm himself.

Having tired himself of the baby play, Guy sought to move on to other distractions to keep himself busy the rest of the evening yet he didn't want to necessarily give up the diaper after such a short run about. He figured if he acted like a baby in a diaper, why not try an adult in a diaper. With his bottle still at hand and the diaper still wrapped comfortably around his bottom, Guy watched more television, read part of a book he'd been gradually peeking into, and cleaned out his closet. With some time before he felt the need to shower and turn it, Guy decided to surf the web one last time, checking the news and updates on his social media. He opened up Twitter and took another quick glance at Taylor's page. After almost an entire day she'd made no attempts to message him back in anyway. Not like he was expecting her to, but it would have been a nice experience to have the girl who'd just played around with him reconnect in some way or form.

Seeing her page once again gave him the idea to quickly check out what's going on in the world of online porn once more. It was a guilty pleasure, but one the Guy knew most of his friends committed themselves to on occasion, some far more than himself. Guy frequented the familiar sites, saw the familiar imagery which by now he'd grown so use to he was practically numb to it all and it excited him little. This was why he'd started actively looking at porn less and less. Everything was simply the same and bland.

Then it hit him. Is there such a market for erotic ABDL material? Hands sweaty, he typed it into the search engine. And there he found it all. A flood of images, mostly of young women, gorgeous ones at that, dressed in baby wardrobe, bibs, bows, footy pajamas, doll dresses, and of course, diapers. Some images looked to be in poorer quality than others, but that was the case with all amateur erotica. Some images looked entirely professional, depicting breast feedings, spankings, and diaper changes. There were even a ton of illustrations, some amateurish, others well crafted and detailed.

Guy searched on like he hadn't done in a long time, each image and link he clicked bringing him further down the rabbit hole and into the expansive world of a community he, until the day prior, never knew existed. Before he knew it, half an hour had past as well as his bottle of shake and with it his bladder. Guy closed up his lap top and set it aside for the evening, hoping to use the bathroom, take a shower and turn in. He was still on a sort of high from all the ABDL content he'd just sorted through. Never would he have thought such a concept could be so erotic and so beautiful.

Guy's bladder felt like it was going to burst. Before he could crawl out of the bed though, it hit him again. What if he...

No! Never. He did it once, but that was with Taylor. If he did it now it would be a mess. But he did think it could be one he could manage. Would he dare to do so again? Guy sat on the bed unmoved, his body shaking from the thought of it. When would he get another chance like this again? The evening already seemed lost to this kind of activity. And he was going to shower immediately after. Would it be something he would regret? After a long tense moment he made up his mind. He was going to wet himself. But where?

He figured the bathroom in case he made a mess. But that seemed cold and dirty. The bedroom, on his bed of course, with a towel underneath him just in case. Peeing himself on the comfort of his own bed, how bizarrely exciting. Guy laid out the towel and tried to position himself accordingly. If he sat down like he would on the toilet he feared sitting in his own mess. Laying down, he'd be getting it more on himself. Then he got it.

He'd sit on knees, with his legs spread, leaning forward on his hands as though he was about to crawl with his pelvis facing down. Guy got into position, now he was truly shaking from excitement. He then waited and waited. His bladder was full but he was so conditioned to using the facilities that he naturally couldn't bring himself to let it out while sitting on his bed. After some time, he was tempted to just give up. Slowly but surely, he began to feel himself relax a little. Then, as soon as he felt himself ready to give, he thought of a critical problem. How was he to dispose of the diaper?

He couldn't just leave it in the apartment till trash day, he would have to make a run down to the dumpsters and hope no one would see him. He didn't have it in him to do it at this hour. He had to....

….too late.

Guy quickly clamped up before he could feel anything, his pelvis hurt from the sudden tension. He hopped off the bed, the diaper still feeling clean as it had been. He reached down, feeling both the front and back sides to see if he could detect any wet spots. He kept feeling and feeling. And there it was. A small but detectable wet spot right below his crotch. Maybe he could save it, the spot was a small one after all, but what's the use of a diaper that's already been wet a little. He'd have no choice but to toss it eventually. And so, a little saddened, but not at all deterred, Guy got back onto the bed to finish relieving himself.

Guy waited again, but having already loosened up, he quickly resumed wetting himself. As he relieved his bladder he began to feel the warmth of the soaked diaper between his legs. Despite the added weight, the diaper still clung snug around his waist. He continued peeing, his legs quivering as he suddenly felt his pelvis become damp. A short moment later and he was done. Guy sat up and looked down to check and see if everything was alright. The diaper looked as nice as ever and there wasn't a single sign of any leaks around the leg lines. He sat still for a bit, taking in the feeling as much as possible till the potent smell of urine reached his nostrils.

Guy changed out of the wet diaper and folded it up. He wiped himself with the baby wipes, put on his normal attire and ran the dirty diaper down to the bottom floor concealed in a plastic bag where he inconspicuously tossed it into the available dumpsters in the back. He showered off, being sure to really scrub the crotch area, brushed his teeth and got into bed.

Still well awake, Guy decided to search the web again, chewing his nails as he quickly scrolled through his favorite of the ABDL content. It was almost a sense of exploration, diving deep into a world once completely unbeknownst to him. Eventually he felt it was time to try and get some sleep so that he could rise early the next day. He turned out the lights, wrapped himself in his blanket, and tossed and turned for quite some time. He knew he'd never forget this evening, for as awkward as it all was. He wasn't sure what he'd think of it all at a later date, but for the time being he was ecstatic. So much so that he didn't feel it was necessary to stop the fun already.

After a while of laying still, Guy quickly leaped out of bed and retrieved the diaper supply from under the bed. He tossed his shorts off and laid on his back with his legs in the air and a fresh diaper under his bottom. He powdered himself more cautiously this time, having learned from his previous error, folded the diaper through his legs and held it comfortably in place as he proceeded to fix it tight with the tabs.

Guy laid there again, kicking his feet in the air and placing his thumb in his mouth, not as pleasant as the pacifier if he did say so himself. He wrapped himself in his blanket and curled up with his knees to his chest and the diaper comfortably conformed around his bottom. After some time more he eventually fell asleep to one of the best evenings he'd had in a long time.