Odd Engagement Part 2: The Contraband


Diaper Lover, Little
Part 2 of the story

Guy left the motel room late into the afternoon around the time Taylor was beginning to show signs of boredom and fatigue over their evening of child's play and sincere personal talk over personal interests and childhood reminiscing. Much of their time had honestly been spent sitting on the bed and watching television, far from what Guy would ever consider calling a date. It was all so awkward yet satisfying in a surreal kind of way, to have engaged in a relatively chill evening with a genuinely sweet and polite young woman while dressed in baby garb for adults. After a while he gradually began to forget he was even wearing a diaper being so invested in his conversation with Taylor.

In the end he had walked out with discreet bag containing a fresh complementary pack of diapers, a large bottle of talcum powder, baby wipes, a set of colorful pacifiers, and a brand new baby bottle with several washable nibbles included. He didn't know what he was to do with all of it, he shared an apartment with a roommate, and besides he was more interested in spending time with Taylor than age playing. But of course Taylor was so kind and encouraging when giving him the ABDL supply, which was free by the way, that he couldn't decline. Honestly, a pretty girl and sincere smile could sell anything to Guy. As he stepped out he turned around to see Taylor leaning up against the door waving with her fingers.

Taylor “Bye. Nice meeting you.”

Guy “Yeah. You online by any chance?”

Taylor “Yes. You can message me on Twitter. I'm @taylorbabe111. Check it out.”

Guy “I will.”

Guy turned and headed away. As soon as he heard the door shut behind him he quickened his pace, speeding through the parking lot as though he had been smuggling something illegal in his bag. If he'd known he was going to be taking home ABDL merchandise he would not have chosen to walk. An Uber or driving service was out of the question as he feared the very possibility of being asked about the bag. Besides, it was cheaper to walk the mile back anyway. Or mile and a half if he went the back way to avoid running into people.

ABDL, Adult Baby Diaper Lover, that was a term he'd never heard before. Of course he now knew what to call the experience he'd had with Taylor, though he couldn't imagine telling anyone he knew about it. This by far may have been one of the best nights he knew he could never talk about, another marvelous experience to possibly remain forever classified. A shameful aspect in taking pleasure in something so queer and taboo to even himself.

He slipped into his apartment, dark and vacant with his roommate out for work, impeccable timing by Guy's account. He didn't even bother turning on the light, with what he was concealing he felt so paranoid he wanted it to remain dark. Through the moon lit interior, Guy quickly rushed through the tight spaced kitchen, the minimalist living room and into the bed room which he shared with his roommate, Craig the marketer. The room was large but with two dressers, a shelf and two beds crammed at opposite ends the space to maneuver was limited.

Here he turned on the light after shutting the door and locking it, something Guy so rarely gets to do and he'd be damned if it didn't feel great. His arms began to shake as he began to panic as to where to stash the ABDL supply without Craig possibly findings it. All his dresser drawers were full, there was no more room under his bed, and there wasn't any other space in the apartment that wouldn't be frequented by others. He was finally starting to feel the pressure of what he'd gotten himself into, whatever that something was.

The thought of trashing it in the dumpsters outback quickly crossed his mind as being an easy way out, but that felt wasteful and impolite whether Taylor found out or not. He then was imagined selling it online, which remained a tempting option, but that would still mean he had to stash it somewhere. Suddenly it hit him, his car! Or rather his grandpa's car which he was too old to be using anymore. He didn't know why he didn't think of it when he'd tiredly shuffled through the parking lot after a long walk uphill. Guy took a deep breath and readied himself for the flight back down. He shut off the light, pulled at the door, remembered he'd locked it, and quickly made his way through the dark apartment once more and out the door just in time to see Craig walking down the hall, his eyes to his phone.

Guy was briefly stunned with the supply tucked under his arm. He could have passed Craig by, thinking he'd be to consumed with his own business to bother asking what he was up to, not to mention he could just as easily lie to him. But no. Instead Guy panicked, turning back into the apartment, shutting the door, and darting back into the bedroom and back to the starting point of his dilemma. Maybe Craig would go into the restroom or find himself occupied in the kitchen, allowing Guy to slip out without having to say anything. But what if he came straight into the bedroom he thought. Guy locked the door again. He heard the front door open and close. The lights were turned on in the living room. Guy suddenly stood there, unmoved.

A knock came at the door.

Craig “You in there Guy?”

Guy could feel himself starting to sweat.

Guy ”Yeah. I'm getting changed.”

He suddenly realized the irony in what he'd said.

Craig “Alright man. Take your time.”

Out of ideas, Guy quickly threw his supply under his bed comforter and bundled it up to make it look as though his sheet was just piled up. His bed was always a mess. He stopped for a second and began to wonder what the real dilemma was. Craig was polite, a bit judgmental, but respectful in the least. He wouldn't be the one to nose around Guy's belongings and even if he did happen to find out he likely wouldn't make any crass remarks about it. Guy could explain he didn't really want it. But what if further questions followed? He couldn't bring himself to talk about what happened and he couldn't think of any plausible lie. Not saying anything would just make him look suspicious.

A knock at the door again.

Craig “You almost done. I need my laptop.”

This was it. Guy unlocked the door and let Craig in.

Craig “What's up man.”

Craig walked past the bundle where he'd hidden the supply. He picked his laptop off the floor and unplugged the charger from the wall. Guy stood still in the corner as Craig took his laptop and walked out of the room. Guy closed the door, leaving it just slightly ajar.

His chest was beating. He gave himself a slight smack to the face to knock himself out of his paranoid slump. He thought to himself, 'Here he was, a grown man about ready to piss himself over fear of his kinky misadventure being exposed.' There shouldn't be a problem he thought. He'll just store the supply in his car and if he were caught he imagined he could simply brush it off. He was still an adult.

He unfolded his comforter and got out the bag of ABDL supply.

Suddenly, the door swung open and Craig walked in, catching Guy off guard and causing him to fling the bag out of his arms and spill out all his baby products onto the bed, the bulk pack of diapers noisily bouncing off the bed and onto the floor.

Guy turned in a panic toward Craig. He was preoccupied with his phone and didn't seem to notice as he walked on. Guy quickly tossed his comforter over his bed, instantly hiding all that was gathered on top. He then rushed over to the side of the bed, positioning himself in the line of sight between Craig and the pack of diapers.

He knelt down and picked the pack of diapers up.

Craig “Hey Guy.”

Guy froze holding the pack in his hands, his back toward Craig.

Guy “Yes.”

Craig “I've got an out of town meeting coming up next week so I'm going to be out for a few days.”

Guy “Okay.”

Craig “I've got somethings coming in the mail would you mind being a bud and getting it for me?”

Guy “Sure.”

Craig “Thanks man. Also I have half a pie in the fridge, I'm not going to be around to finish it so you can have it if you want. I'm getting paid at the end of the week so we'll be able to pay rent on time.”

Guy “That's fine.”

Craig, still on his phone, laid on his bed and kicked back, a sign he was not leaving. Guy, still trembling, slowly knelt down, keeping the diapers out of sight, and looked under his own bed. Miscellaneous boxes, supplies, clothes, and bins of old childhood stuff left no room. Desperate, Guy dragged out one of his old dirty bins, coated with dust and loose hair, and stuffed the pack of diapers in its place, sliding the bin in front of it, not carrying how unsightly it appeared sticking half way out of the bed.

Craig “How was your evening man?”

Guy “Chill.”

Craig “That's cool. That's cool. You doing anything tomorrow?”

Guy “Yes, but I don't know what yet.”

Craig “I feel you. Brie is coming over tomorrow to help me pack. I think she's wanting to go out for dinner. You can come if you want.”

Brie! Guy tingled at the mention of the name. Brie was the cutest woman he knew personally. She was young, vibrant, extraordinarily easy going, and above all she was single. She'd mostly been hanging around with Craig but nothing seems serious beyond a couple of friendly outings, some of which Guy was present. Craig was mostly his excuse to hang out with her. He never had the guts to hang with her on his own, strange considering what he'd just been through tonight.

Tonight! How could he ever look Brie in her large beautiful brown eyes knowing what odd behavior he'd been up to. He felt almost guilty, like a criminal hiding from the law. How could he look anyone respectable in the eye again with such shame in his mind. He didn't want tonight to be one he would regret, after all it was a nice experience, but would anyone one else be so accepting toward his behavior should he be exposed. Guy couldn't imagine taking the chance. He knew this would be something he would have to take to the grave. It wasn't anyone's business what he does in his private time anyway. The only problem was, could he accept himself wearing diapers for fun.

Craig “What do you say man?”

Guy “Sure. I'll hang with you guys.”

Craig “Cool.”

Guy “You turning in for tonight?”

Craig “Yeah, I'm just going to stay here.”

This was a problem. Guy didn't want to take his stash out with Craig present and he wasn't confident enough to leave him alone in the room where his diaper supply was, so he knew he was going to have to stay in the room and just wait him out. He'll go down to his car when Craig falls asleep.

Guy slowly climbed into his bed, trying not to crush the supply underneath, and got out his computer. Then he suddenly remembered, Taylor's Twitter page. His palms began to sweat as he opened his browser. He didn't want to DM her, at least so soon, but he was curious to see what else she's up to.

He opened Twitter and began to search, but wait! He felt awkward looking her up with Craig in the room. He closed out of Twitter, deciding to wait till after Craig went to sleep and he'd done away with the diaper supply. Just the thought of visiting her page was enough excitement to get him through the night, not to mention the memory of the time he'd had with her. For now he was to just sit and wait.

Several hours later, Craig turned in. Guy sat out in the living room upon their shin high couch looking at his computer again. He decided to wait till Craig was soundly asleep before sneaking out the diapers. He got on Twitter once again, taking his time typing out Taylor's handle. He didn't want to seem anxious, though he knew he was. He found her account in the search bar and clicked on it with a shaky hand. And what he saw . . . .

Guy “Oh boy.”