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It has been about 6 weeks since I let my wife know my secret that I am AB. She has been more accepting than I thought she would be and claims she doesn't mind that I wear diapers to bed many nights and she even bought me a pacificer one night when she was a little tipsy.

However, I am a little bit concerned that I am spending too much time thinking about diapers, AB, etc... since I have been allowed to begin to indulge. I was wondering if anyone else was obsessed with it when they first started and, if so, did they become less obsessed once they got used to it being a somewhat regular part of your life? Did acting on it make you desensitized and more able to put it out of your thoughts when you were going through your normal daily life? I want to enjoy it without letting it take over my life and thoughts.

Thanks for your input.
I sure was obsessed but into diapers when I was 17 and 18. I technically am but of course the feeling of them goes away when you have someone inside the house and they are right next to you and it just sort of dies out (Unless they know you wear them, in my case, they don't so I would try to be quiet :/) It's not like you have to wear 24/7 to completely become less obsessed but it's how you feel and act towards them or around them. Can't say they run my life because I have other stuff I do, wearing diapers feel like a choice to me and I can choose whether I want to be padded or not. As for AB (I am a babyfur) I have my moods as being cubby normally on days where I am *technically* alone to myself knowing no one will bother you for a good 14 hours, which is a really good time span to be cubby on your own and feel really great about yourself.

Diapers or AB feelings don't run people, you run it. It's not like it's some sort of virus that is implemented inside yourself, more of a feeling or emotion that you can flip a switch. If you can be an Adult baby but flip the switch to do important adult things, it is not going to run your life dude, I promise you can wear 24/7 with a pacifier and not be 100% brain washed into an actual baby. Just do regular stuff that you would normally do. Whatever runs your mood, go for it, feel it's wrong, hold it off.

Good luck.
Lucky Dog

If I suddenly had the freedom to indulge, I would probably go a little overboard at first too.

I think the key would be to establish some boundaries and do a little soul searching into how exactly you want to mix your ABDL life with your adult life. Lay some ground rules and put limits on when and how you will indulge.

Personally, if I woke up tomorrow with the freedom to mix my ABDL and adult life, this is how I would do it.

First, the diapers. As far as anyone else is concerned from this moment on, I have an overactive bladder. I would wear some form of a diaper all the time. For example, cloth at home, a decent disposable when out and about, and a light disposable underwear when active. I would make this cover story an undeniable reality.

Second, the most babyish thing I would wear or use in public is a onesie- that is one that is like an undershirt with snaps in the crotch -which would easily pass to most as just an undershirt.

Everything else will be left for within the privacy of my home awhile around people that know of my ABDL desires and are comfortable with seeing me indulge; however, even when alone I will limit to only times in which the indulgence is least likely to be interrupted. For example, I do not want an unexpected visit from a friend or family member to prompt an explanation for the footed pajamas or pacifier. Leave those items locked in my bedroom, with a change of clothes easily accessible in case something happens.
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After my wife found out and accepted my "little side" I wore diapers to bed all the time. During the day I thought about it often. But over time, it began to find its proper place in my mind. Now there are ups and downs, so when I'm really into it, I wear and act little. Tomorrow I have to get up early so I'm not wearing, and that's okay. I think your desires will find a happy middle given some time.
Honestly I didn't even read your whole post. I saw "was anyone else obsessed when they first...."

YES!!!! OMG YES!!!

When I first started indulging more I spent over 200$ on toys, diapers, pacifiers and clothes IN ONE MONTH! It was Litteraly ALL I could think about and I drove myself insane.

I don't regret a second of it.

But here's good news it is about ....hmmmm two moths later and I'm back down to a sane level of indulgence and thought process. You will come down too.

It's totally normal and natural to get excited about new things just don't do what I did and blow your savings on toys.

No regrets o__o
Yes I obsessed when I started back before I needed to wear 24/7, it was intense. It leveled off after a month or so though. Good times I wish I could enjoy again.
It's completey normally to be a bit obsessed at the moment, don't worry about it! When you're finally able to do something that you've been repressing then no matter what it is, you'll go overboard.

What I would say is this: Your wife has said that she doesn't mind this, and even proven this somewhat by giving you a pacifier. You need to be very careful not to go overboard in these first few months so that she doesn't get the wrong idea.

When I met my husband (Charlie) through this site, I obviously knew he was into this. I am not into this. Even going into a relationship knowing that he's into diapers and stuff, I sometimes find that his interest in them grates me. Sometimes I don't mind indulging his little side, but other times I'm just not in the mood at all. Luckily we can talk about that, so it's ok. But your wife has kind of been thrown into the deep end of all of this so you need to be careful that she doesn't think that you're suddenly going to be wearing diapers 24/7. Because now that you've got acceptance from her, you might well want to do that further down the line, but right now you need to try and take it slowly. It's really easy to get caught up in something new, but then realise that actually it's completely changed your relationship dynamic and she could well resent that if you indulge too much too soon.

But, you've realised that you're a bit obsessed. So you're on the right track. Make sure to keep talking with her, and to tell her that you're on a bit of a binge because you're finally able to share that side of you with her without worrying. Tell her that you think it'll settle down soon and you appreciate her openess.

Good luck :)
Yeah, an initial phase of obsession and giddy excitement is pretty standard. Also, this is by no means a phenomenon consigned to ABDL. I've had sudden obsessions with things ranging from Evelyn Waugh to Pocket Squares, because I've suddenly discovered something I think is awesome, all at once. Perhaps the first flush of excitement is slightly more extreme with ABDL, because often we're letting loose something we've repressed, but seriously, it's nothing to worry about. Before long, ABDL will move from being the sole focus of your thoughts, to just one of many things you think about and enjoy. :)
As noted, obsession is not surprising. I actually think the amount you indulge is not very important. What's important is paying attention to your wife. If she's comfortabke, you can indulge and wait for the ebb and flow of your desires, eventually settling into what's comfortable for you. If, however, you feel that you're making her uncomfortable, you should talk to her and see about self-moderating.
Thank you for all of your replies and advice. You have been very helpful and comforting.
I would say at first you become obsessed. The more you do it though it becomes less of a big deal. You may even become sick of it for a little while XD. Which can happen. Taking a break isn't uncommon I would imagine. Though for most it would be an incredibly short break XD.
I think most people, or maybe it's just me, go through phases of being really into any kind of thing or another. Sometimes I'm super into a show and I want to 'marathon' watch it all night. Sometimes I get super into a video game and it's the only game I'll even play for maybe a month or so. I think being AB is a lot like that, where we go through phases of being obsessed. Sometimes the 'newness' of something can bring it back up. Like, new episodes of that show, a new expansion or DLC for that game, or for being an AB, the new caretaker aspect that you now have. After a while you'll probably settle back down into a more moderate interest.

The only time you should really worry about obsessions, whether it's diapers or just about anything else, is when it's interfering with your life. Otherwise, you'll be fine and it'll level out soon enough on its own.
From another viewpoint perhaps. My interest in the fetish is of a sexual nature. So as my libido rebuilds after a release, I become more and more "obsessed". I will wear the diapers and dresses as much as I can get away with. I then generally have to release again in order to get my brain back from thinking about it. I can no more turn it on and off than I can lasso the moon.

I have a partner that acceps my AB side, but I have to be in the mood ... Every now and then I go made about new dummies on the market, or clothes and it peaks my interest again, but as other have said your AB side will ebb and flow, just enjoy :)
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