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Hello everyone. I'm just back from a short break, which I enjoyed other than the fact that being away from home really demonstrated / confirmed my problems with control.

While I brought a few briefs with me for longer trips or walks, I didn't need to use them or even put them on. Success!

Then on the last night I had to get up to pee 4 times in 5 hours and each time the volume seemed quite a lot. So before heading to the airport, I decided to put on a brief. I managed to stay dry for security (but not for much longer after that).

The upshot is that I ended up very wet on the plane and I couldn't change because I didn't bring a spare. Nor could I risk removing the brief that I had on. After this, I'm now considering building in boosters and plastic pants into my management regime. This is quite overwhelming as I didn't even have a regime before. I envisage that this enhanced arrangement will be limited to one-off occasions like going on holiday or trips or pub crawls and that I'd be able to get by with minimal or no protection for the rest of the time, as I do now. Does anyone do something similar? How do you manage being OAB dry to OAB wet when certain circumstances arise?

I'm just about over the embarrassment of it all. Luckily, I had a supportive partner with me.

That's all from me just now. Thanks.
I find the severity of my OAB differs from day to day and depends on certain situations ... even the weather, so if I am going out for a long while I will wear a pull-up and plastic pants and take a spare with me. If I am going someone formal and wearing a suit I tend to wear protection on the journey there and then slip it off before getting to the function. Then I'll put it back before starting for home., That is especially true if I have been drinking. I'm always concerned that someone will see the bulge in loose fitting trousers.
I am lucky in that I get good warning if I have to pee and usually have at least few minutes before leaks. It's only if for some reason I have to wait that I it comes on strong and I can wet myself.
Took a chance coming home on the Underground a few months back and paid the price!
Thanks Naughtykeef, that is food for thought.
LeartesMcV said:
Does anyone do something similar? How do you manage being OAB dry to OAB wet when certain circumstances arise?
I have got Neurogenic Detrusor Overactivity, it is like OAB wet with "a reason". At the moment my control is much better, so i can go at home most days without any protection, when leaving the house i will go with wearing a diaper, just in case.
See it as a kind of insurance for bad luck and some convenience either. Some weeks ago i had an appointment in the clinic, i needed a Covid test and that took time, i had to wait really long and the bladder was already painful, my decision was to pee into the flowers, with about 50 people looking at you, or to use the diaper. I was happy i did wear one, so i had at least the choice.
When "on tour" i will carry at least one spare diaper with me all the time, you never know. Choose a product that works for you and the most discrete option. I do change my kind of diaper as the need is.
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I have DO as well, this stems from chronic distension due to diabetes insipidus. My bladder went from being very sensitive when it started to having no feeling of distension. Only the immediate and intense feeling that I was about to go. At night it does not wake me up as there is no discomfort.
Pino said:
my decision was to pee into the flowers, with about 50 people looking at you, or to use the diaper.
Hi Pino, thanks for sharing. During COVID, I had to pee in various side streets when visiting town. There wasn't much of a decision to be made as I wasn't protected. Before and since the lockdown(s), I make use of the toilets in the railway station or, more often, on the train itself. The idea of an insurance policy or of having a choice is a good one. It would certainly make things less frantic (e.g. I'm just back home after a car journey where I had to hold myself and drive with one hand on the wheel; I have never parked in my driveway more quickly or more accurately in my life; if I was protected then I know what choice I would have made tonight).