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So I made a post about my struggles and mentioned I purchased a pack of NRU's STR8UP's and how I was unsure if I was going to wear them because of the travesty that is my life at the moment.

Basically I tried one on Friday morning and at first I thought they weren't going to fit my 34" waist in a Medium because they felt tight, needless to say they held up very VERY VERRRRYYYYY well.

I had a very long drive across country and I'm talking 200+ miles I set off at 10:30 & it lasted until 8pm the same day with 0% leakage.

I wore one today as well on another cross country drive again 200+ miles leaving at 9:30am and arriving at my destination at 7pm and it took multiple floodings and by the time I was at my destination it was sooo heavy that walking became more of a chore.

At every stop I made sure to get out and stretch my legs much to the fear of being noticed as I was told I'm never allowed to wear a nappy with anything over the top besides my trousers which I obeyed happily but I reckon that would have been a sight if anyone in this community stumbled upon for sure!

All in all NRU they are a huge win & quite easily my favourite nappies from now on!
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They certainly can hold a few bladder fulls.
Looking forward to the blue and pink versions
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