Noticed something strange about the name of a nappy

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Was just looking online at a nappy retailer website and saw something I thought a little odd.

Found a new product from Molicare named "comfort", which looks much like they used to several years ago (the ones that are now called "soft") with cloth sides and plastic centre.

Why have they named a plastic backed nappy "comfort" when all the manufacturers insist that cloth backing are more comfortable than plastic?

Have Molicare now decided that actually the plastic backings are more comfortable than cloth? And if so then why ruin the legendary Super Plus?
I wear the plastic backed Molicares and my biggest complaint about them (and all plastic backed for that matter) is that there is no air circulation. Also, while I haven't worn cloth backed diapers, I have heard people say that after walking for a while it feels like there is a piece of sandpaper rubbing against their legs. This could be Molicares' attempt to fix both issues and make a truly more comfortable hybrid. I'm interested to see if it works.
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