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Hey there all you fantastic people! Its been a while since i was around on adisc sadly... but it was because i was with my awesome papa for the last month. So fun! Gonna be around with him for another month SOOO i had an idea for a little fun. Im mot gonna check on this thread again, but im sure papa will. So you giys should leave little notes behind for things he/he and i should do etc (anything from activities to punishments whatever). Anything is fine just leave the note for papa~ bai bai for now everyone! And hello papa <3
Hey there little fox <3

Did I mention to you guys and gals that my foxie is the best? ^-^
You should play on a tiny piano for him. :P Glad to see you found someone who sounds rather fantastic, and even though you're not here much anymore, you're enjoying all the time you're getting with him.
Not sure what you guys already do but it sounds like you are having a good time with your daddy! You could always play baby games and read bed time stories to your fox :) or if he is naughty you could have him wear a paci when you go out in his mouth or on a clip. Or if he is really bad you could fig him and then take him out for a nice little walk ;) *snickers* you two have fun!
I have a idea. My sisters used to do this for kids to help them get to sleep. What they would do was lay them down and while bottle feeding them they would take their free hand and using only the index finger and gently rub the most sensitive areas of the baby's face with only the lightest touch. (without the finger getting anywhere near the eyes. Essentially the cheeks, forehead, and area around the ears would work in this matter) That kid will be out like a light faster then you would think. This can optionally be stacked with music or other pleasant audio like waves on a beach or the sound of rain to make it even better.
You guys are staying together? Is pianissima already a full baby? If not you should do that. Like, not allowed to drink if its not his bottle given by you. Has to be fed, cant walk when home, cwnt talk with a pacifier in. And certainly no big boy words. You should post updates about your baby :)
The fun thing is museum trips mabey if good something from gift shop.
Movies your cub likes to go too.
Mabey a train set you can both play with or Lego's.
Have the best of time.
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