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I've had problems with plastic-coated diapers when wearing them outside for any length of time.

In spite of wearing a onesie or even a diaper cover over them, I still get bad chaffing on my inner thigh, and it quickly develops into a thumbnail-sized red sore which can be sore for several days afterwards, and so alas I had to stop wearing diapers outside for that reason.

That was until I discovered Little Kings and successfully wore one out a few weeks ago and it was super comfortable all day. I figured this was due to them being much more 'paper-like' than plastic, and hence the chaffing didn't happen.

Unfortunately though, yesterday I had a similar chaffing, and this time I wasn't even outside. I was just watching TV as normal on a Saturday night and noticed after a while that my right thigh was started to feel uncomfortable. This was after just one medium wetting, and was very odd as that's never happened to me before with any diaper, let alone a brand that I bought especially to address this issue.

I don't know what went wrong and whether it was just on a bit too tight or what. I also guess that the outer material is still plastic, even though it feels like paper, but I'm disappointed that I now have two whole packs of LKs that I'm no longer confident to wear.
These things can happen.

I find I get the same problem with rubbing/chaffing on the inner thigh, almost halfway down the thigh, no where near any cuffs/gathers or even really the nappy.

For me though it doesn't matter if it's plastic or cloth backed, disposable or cloth. I do find it ends to happen more when using really thick nappies (like cloth), PVC pants cause it too which is partly why I use PUL. It also happens more when wearing a snap crotch onesie and walking a lot (I figure it's the snaps rubbing against the leg which Is why I started making front fastening onesies and that does help).

Something I have discovered recently that may help you...

While trying to wear more regularly the last few weeks and really paying attention to when things are rubbing/getting sore on my thighs I noticed it felt like the seam on my trousers where the two halfs are joined right below the crotch, was being pulled to one side of the nappy and that was what was rubbing against my leg as I walked. I began wearing long boxers or one of These knee length bodysuits over the nappy just to cover that part of my thigh and that has completely stopped the trousers rubbing and my thighs have been fine while wearing most of the day everyday for 2 weeks.

I'm beginning to wonder if I should buy trousers the next size up so that the seam isn't forced to oe side of the nappy as I walk, this would be awkward as I already buy a larger size than I need to help hide the bulk but maybe they still need a little more room. I would try a different style of trousers but need to wear something smart for work so that's what I tend to buy, something like joggers are out of the equation.

Maybe I'll look into making some smart work trousers and see if I can design a pattern that has a lower crotch seam, covers it or just has more space for a diaper without making the bulge obvious.
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I don't wear a onesie very much, just a diaper covers .
I very rarely I end up chaffing but does happen a just a few times in hot temperatures in summer time...
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You might get some results by smearing a small amount of Sudocreme on the area where the plastic is rubbing you sore, bear in mind a lot of creams will kill plastic pants so be aware of any outer layers of protection.
Hope you find a good answer to your problem.
I can get chaffing with my big Terry nappy and rubbers particularly my big 60 inch night one when wet and swollen
I powdery thighs where the gathers can rub my skin
I also wear xxl rubbers so I can tuck the plastic encased gathers into the nappy.
Don't get leaks by doing this due to large absorption of the big cloth nappy
Thanks everyone for your replies and suggestions. I've re-started using baby powder before putting my nappy on, and I'll experiment with other types of clothing and try sudocreme as well. I haven't had any problems the last few nights, and I'm leaning towards my diaper cover as being a potential culprit. I was also wearing pantyhose which possibly made everything too tight as well, so I'll avoid them for a while and see what happens. I doubt that the nappy itself was the issue, not least as it happened while I was sedentary, and hence it must have been something quite abrasive to cause the issue.

Thanks again for your input, it's all very much appreciated! 🤗
I would try wearing a thinner cloth-backed disposable diaper, I’ve not ever worn Little Kings but I’m assuming that as they have an 6500ml capacity they are very thick, a thick swollen diaper is more likely to chafe than a thinner one. I would also try putting on moisturiser on your thighs when you wear a diaper, I use cocoa butter and don’t tend to get chafing.