Not sure what diapers to buy

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So the diapers I usually buy are abri-form m4 diapers. They seem to hold a fair lot. I also sampled the dry 24/7 diapers, which fit well and seemed to also hold a lot, but didn't last terribly long because I am a heavy wetter. I wear for fun and comfort, nothing medical. The dry 24/7 seems fair in price compared to bambino brands, which I have also sampled and were great! but they were also way too expensive for me to ever buy them in bulk. So those are out of the question. Maybe there are other diaper brands as absorbant and leak protective as dry 24/7s or bambino that also hold a lot, yet look cute as well?

That is one of my gripe with many of the diapers I have ordered. The bambino classico, the dry 24/7, and the abri-form, didn't have cute designs on them. I like the way the SDK, cushies, bianco, and bellisimo diapers look. I haven't tried them, but they're very cute. I would sacrifice cuteness for a lower price and higher absorption though, which I guess is why I really like getting abri-forms and dry 24/7s. If anyone has any idea of diapers that I may also want to try, I would really appreciate it. I would like to order as soon as possible, preferably today! Thanks.
Try Crinklz! They are a brand new thing :)!
They were made by babyfurs for babyfurs and are so super cute they will fit any adult baby <3 They are the same as Comficare diapers, just with a super cute baby animal and star print. Comficare is my favourite diaper brand EVER <3 they are just prime, and now that they are available in a cute pattern, I am going to explode!! They are a bit more expensive than your average diaper since they are M4, super thick ones AND they have a pattern (printing costs more) but they are very much affordable. I'd say they hold up super well if you measure them in price-quality-cuteness axel.
You can find them if you google "Crinklz diapers"

OH! Forgot to add; if you are usually size M, consider trying L. The sizing of this brand is a bit different and M is waaay snug.
My new favorite Diaper is Northshore Supreme (Plastic Backed) They hold as much as the Dry 24/7 and the tapes are awesome!
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