Not Sure About What to do with Therapy

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So I mentioned about possibly going for some therapy in my last blog and I am starting to seriously consider it.
I am feeling the need to let out some feelings recently. Mainly dealing with my sexuality. Only those that know me online know about my sexuality. No one in my real life knows about me being bi. Neither my family or friends. I feel like I need to put a mask on and pretend I am still straight. Maybe also some feelings about being a brony too. I do already go to a psychiatrist at least twice a year. I mainly go to him to talk about how things are going with school and my life. I don't let my feelings out enough and I feel like I have it all bottled up. The main question about this is should I talk to him about these things, someone who already knows me or should I go to someone different to talk about these things with who doesn't know me at all?


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Hi Jazzbaby,

I can relate alot with what your going through. Nobody in real life (i hate this term, you're all real people too!) knows about my sexuality. I suppose i'd identify as pansexual. Although i've started being alot more open and myself now, suspicions are certainly being raised! Most people think i'm gay.

I remove my body hair. I got so worked up about telling anyone, but when i finally did to a friend his response was along the lines of "thats fine, alot of people do it. No big deal." Which was a huge sigh of relief for me! Others are not being so nice about it though, to the point of being downright nasty so even now in the hot summer im keeping my body covered in clothes.

my friends also disvovered a tonne of MLP in my t.v. planner. One of my friends went ballistic at me, another gave me a 2 hour lecture on 'gender roles'... yawn.... one night in a pub too a drunk friend outed me to everyone in there as a broney and "being a girl" for removing my body hair. That night was not alot of fun to say the least. Others, particularly my female friends, don't care i'm a broney at all. Its just a t.v. show after all. And they stick up for me when people are mean, and i'm learning to stick up for myself too!

so.. when it comes to 'coming out' its just something you've got to do, but only when your ready. Some people may be nasty, whilst others will be completely fine with it. It wont always be easy. But theres alot of people in the world who'll like you, just for being you!! :). And ultimately when you do, i think you'll find true happiness. I know this myself, that it's exhausting living a double life. So im starting to let go of my worries. If people don't like it, thats up to them i guess.

As with all my posts, epicly long, sorry! I should probably get to your question and why i originally made this reply..

It's up to you which psychiatrist you speak to. It may be helpful to stick with a doctor who knows you well, no need to start from square one as that gives you alot to cover and can be, draining. Alternatively, you may find it useful to have a clean slate. It's completely your decision on what you feel is best for you.

Don't worry about what you say either. Believe me, they've heard it all before and then some! Your not going to 'weird them out' with anything you say. They're professionals and they're there to help.

I'd also suggest more regular appointments. 6 months isn't great, thats 180 days of bottling! Theres lots of options available. From personal experience, 10 years in mental health services, a psychiatrists main role is identifying illnesses and prescribing medication. So perhaps some other options would be councillors, or therapists. These people you can see regularly, maybe even once a week or fortnight if you feel you need it. it can be very much tailored to you and what you want / works for you.

I'm not sure if you'll appreciate me coming at you with a wall of text. Sorry about that! But hopefully some of what i've said you may find useful. Hope this helps a bit.

- Lotus Flower
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