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Happy SIDF everybody!

So calling around the area medical stores I was surprised to hear nobody had heard of Abena. Molicare yes. Secure personal? Deff. No. Nobodies heard of em. I've been wearing bambino's bellissimo for years and love the quality. But while the dollar is high I start looking to the forums and come across a few threads that say the secure x plus is the bellessimo, just without the print. I bite, I order a sample pack.

Here's what I got. General impression - "almost the same diaper". The secure appears smaller than it leads on to be. But it stretches way more than the same cut of bambino does. Outer plastic and landing zones are pretty much identical except for the print. Absorbency is the same. All in all, they are the same, except the price.

While during the day i'm usually wearing a baby-pants product (because they are awesome and can handle my minor day time drip drip problem) night time, im starting to look away from bambino, cost for cost, dollar for dollar, pound for pound, and get into the secure x plus.

Just thought you should you know!

I'd say they're the same as the baseline Bambino (Classico/Bianco). There's no non-ABDL equal to the Bellisimo from them.
I agree with that. The cut is for sure bellisimo but the padding is closely related the classico
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