Northsore tape issue

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maybe it is only me. but the last 3 cases of Northshore Premium Briefs .have the lower right side tap always 1/2 way folded over and thus looses a bit of the sticky bits
and I have been having issues with only this tape not sticking well,,,. this is on the large with 3 separate lot numbers. it seems to be getting messed up during the automated foldying process. thougts? the airsupreme cases I have had do not have this issue at all.
I did too. I found it to be minor problem for me. The tapes were able to stay on quite well.
You can also PM NorthShoreAdam (once you get another 15 posts in!).
I've never had this issue with their diapers before - in many bags. I doubt it's typical. They have great customer service too. I'm sure they'll take care of you.
I've used this diaper for almost a year. Some of the bags have had tapes folded over though I've only seen it on the upper tapes. If you bend them back and flatten them before you put them on they will stick and stay in place. I have found that once they are on, they don't pop off.
My last 2 cases have been like this, but only one or two diapers did I have to ditch the blue tape. I just unfold them if possible and really press down on the tape and make sure there are few if any wrinkles under the tape. It does seem to be a manufacturing problem, but I've seen far far worse with Dry 24/7.
not going to be an issue much longer. switching to the Airs partially because of this but mostly for sticking with one type. been on the airs during the day and regular at night.
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