Northshorecare shipping?

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I've ordered from Northshorecare many times before and as long as I make my order early in the morning it always ships the same day. This time though I haven't received a shipping number still 4 days later but did receive a order confirmation. Was really trying to get my order before my trip Thursday morning and ordered it early Friday morning because it said it would arrive on Wednesday. So my question is what is the longest time you have had to wait before Northshorecare shipped your order?
I have never had to wait more than two days. And I've ordered 6 or 7 cases from them.

Have you contacted them?
Here's a quick tip, never order things on the internet on a Friday. This most likely happened because they probably have orders that were made on Thursday. They may run shipping day on the next business day. I'm not sure if that's the case for them but a lot of smaller businesses seen to run it that way.
They normally ship all of their orders out same day if it was placed before 4p central time I believe, unless they are out of stock.

They have great customer service. If you just contact them I'm sure you'll get an answer quickly.
Found out they did ship it friday. For some reason I just never received the email with my tracking number confirming it had been shipped. Got my tracking number now and its all good. :3
Going to receive it before I leave for my trip.
Depends on how far you are from where they are shiping from but given their central location, it shouldn't take more than 4 days to get anywhere in the US.
They had it shipped out same/next day all the times I ordered from them. My main complaints were the packaging being really flimsy (packages were always very beat up. One time the box had been badly taped such that the flaps were basically half open, luckily my sister wasn't nosey enough to peak inside), and they communicated excessively through both email (one order generated about 8 emails from them) and snail mail (seriously, who sends out printed ads these days?).

Because of that I don't order directly from them anymore (though the fulfilled by Amazon stuff on their Amazon storefront is fine).
2 days! I live right next to the state. If I order by 4 on Monday I will get by 4 Wednesday
I had something similar happen when I ordered from them. No tracking number, no package. Emailed them asking what was up and got a response and a tracking number (who answers company email on Saturday mornings?). Package got misdirected for several days. It's amazing what you see when you have those tracking numbers.

They shipped it the day after ordering. It would have been on time were it not for the whole getting lost part.
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