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I wonder how much they had to pay the models to wear those diapers on set and film for the ad.
What video?
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Pampers4Ever said:
I wonder how much they had to pay the models to wear those diapers on set and film for the ad.
I wonder what they paid ex-NFL players to wear Depends.

And whatever it is, they’d have to pay me more than that.
Go to the Northshore website, man and woman wearing Maga Maxes in a runway format. Super cool.
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I want to know how much the model for rearz and incontrol got paid. She's cute and look good diapered .
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Yup, amazing how diaper models have become a thing. Glad they are putting it out in the open and bringing awareness to people with IC or choose to wear a diaper out different situations. Diapers will become more normal as they continue to kill the stigma around wearing diapers. No longer are they for babies, little kids, and the elderly. It’s just underwear after all. We just need to make them more convenient and acceptable for society. Imagine walking into the store to find a pack of better drys or mega max and dropping them into your cart along with other groceries and items. No different than buying a package of Pampers.
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I'd do it for a couple of cases of MegaMaxs and maybe some GoSupremes
You wouldn’t have to pay me anything. I’ve been training my entire life for that lol
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IDK, I think it would be super cool to be paid in MegaMaxes. Maybe a diaper supply for a year.
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I have read articles before that state employees of abdl companies get free diapers. I would really like to get a job at one of those companies!
Always Discreet ran a TV ad during prime time football payoffs. Nice models!