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Normal Days

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So what does everyone do in a normal weekday?

I get up at around 7:30 get dressed and go to school. I get home around 4:00 then for the rest of the day I'm on the computer or watching T.V with dinner around 8:00. Usually I do homework just before bed then go to sleep around 10:00. There is some days when my day is different as on Tuesdays I go to a youth club and I have piano lessons on Thursdays. So what does everyone else do?


On normal weekdays, I get up at 7 get ready for school, go to school for like 7 hours prob a bit more, come home do my homework, if its a wednesday, go to flute practice, and if during the first semester go to drama club for 2 hours on tuesday and thursday.

I then eat, maybe hang out with friends, and go to bed. Not an exciting life XD.


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well i guess i finally have a daily pattern so here it goes...

6:00am: wake up and get ready for school
7:15am: arrive at school and spend most of the day there
2:00pm: get home and take a nap, eat lunch, hang out here, or play some poker online
5:00pm: leave for work
11:00pm-12:00am: arrive home from work (time depends on day and amount of work we have to do) and eat dinner
12:00am-1:30am: lights out

I'm still not quite used to this schedule, especially since work is VERY demanding at times. It's taking a toll on my body and it's only my fourth week working. At least i have Friday off :eek:


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Get up anywere between 3-5:30am and talk on the computer then get ready for school. School starts at 7:23 and i'm out at 2:52. I'm home around 3:15 and just get on the computer or watch tv and have dinner around 5:30-6:00 and do my homework around 6:30 and then I go to bed around 9:30-9:45.


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Get up between 7:00 and 7:25 (five minutes before my bus), get dressed, go eat something if I have the time, get back home at around 4:30, stay on the computer until my parents block my laptop's access to the router, sleep at around 10:00.
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Let's see...

Get up at 6-7. Eat, get on the computer a little.
Start School at 8. (Homeschooled. :D)
Eat lunch at 11.
Depends on how fast I finish, ends at 1-4. Sometimes I get a break at 12:30.
Eat dinner at 4.
Play some video games, watch TV, or get on the computer until 10.
Go to sleep.


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This is my daily summer schedule:
10:30am - Wake up.

12:00pm - Eat Breakfast

1:00pm - Screw around on the computer

4:00pm - Watch a bit of tv

6:00pm - Call up my friends, may ask if they wanna come over.

8:00pm - Walk on my dads threadmill, exercise.

10:00pm - Screw around on the computer for a bit longer

12:00am - Bed.

Not really an eventful summer.

During the school year it goes like this:

6:30am - Wake up

6:35am - Take Shower

6:50am - Get Dressed

7:00am - Eat Breakfast

7:15am - Leave for school

7:30am - Go to school and chill for about 30 mins, in the gym.

8:00am - School

3:10pm - Leave school, my dad comes picks me up or i drive.

4:00pm - Get home, screw around on the computer.

6:00pm - Eat Dinner

7:00pm - DO homework, if anyone, else, go on the computer.

10:30pm - Sleep.

Yeah, alot of computer time there too!


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Dethklok's schedule yesterday
12:00am- kill people with office supplies
1:00am- rape and pillage
2:00am- play ninja gaiden2
3:00am- kill vikings
4:00am- catch flies with chopsticks
5:00am- fight robots
6:00am- **** dinosaurs
6:01am- kill dinosaurs
7:00am- rock
8:00am- glue googley eyes on shuriken
9:00am- eat rocks
10:00am- shit gunpowder
11:00am- drive blimps
12:00pm- bench press lightning
13:00pm- mess with all the clocks in the house
1:00pm- lunch
2:00pm- fight Nazis
3:00pm- fight ninjas
4:00pm- nap
5:00pm- give birth to giant cicadas from every pore on my body
6:00pm- jump on pogo stick
7:00pm- feed cats to fish
8:00pm- ritualistic suicide (seppuku)
9:00pm- ressurection
10:00pm- eat shuriken sandwich
11:00pm -kill pirates


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Hmm well it looks like we're calling normal days "school days" so...

6:30 AM get up, eat breakfast
7:30 AM classes start
11:50 is lunch period
more classes in the afternoon, end around 2 - 2:30 depending on the day
eat and then baseball practice in the spring
5:30 - 6 eat more and start on my homework
watch tv and then bed around 10


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  • 6AM wake up and sit behind the computer
  • 7AM if not already busy with getting ready to go to school: breakfast
  • 6:30AM - 10:15AM (An hour before I have to leave for school) get ready and head off to school (and breakfast if I haven't had that yet)
  • 12PM - 4PM come home from school (depends on my schedule) and sit behind the computer
  • 6PM Eat supper
  • 7PM computer and homework
  • 12AM bed (reading)
  • 1AM lights out


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11am-3pm: Wake up

3pm-12am: Nothing

12am-5am: Go to bed

5am-11am: Sleep


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My normal day used to go like this:

8 AM - Wake up and go to the gym, Get back home around 9 or 9:15.
9:15 AM - Take a shower
9:30 AM - Screw around on the computer/play COD4
10:30 AM - Leave home to get to work by 11 AM
2:00 PM - Get off work
2:15 PM - Get home from work and get on the internet
5:00 PM - Go to work again/ Eat dinner
9:00 PM - Get home from work again/screw around on the net/watch TV
11 PM - Bed

Now, my day goes like this, since I no longer have a job:

7 AM - Wake up and take a shower.
7:15 AM - screw around on the net for a few minutes
7:30 AM - Leave home to make an 8 AM class.
8 AM - Class starts
9:15ish AM - Get home from class
9:20 AM - Get on computer/kill people on COD4/sleep
12:00ish PM - Sometimes eat lunch/see if anything good is on TV
12:15 PM - 5 PMish - Sit on computer/kill people on COD4/watch TV
5 PMish - eat dinner(sometimes)
6 PM - 11 PM - Read/watch TV/play COD4/surf internet


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School starts at 7:23 and i'm out at 2:52
Those are the most specific school times I've ever heard! :p
7:23 exactly?

Anyway... My normal day... I don't know! College has finished now, I don't have a full time job, I have so much time and so little to do.
I just watch TV, go on the internet, read, drive, clean, cook, get drunk, play GTA, think, listen to music, trying to get into a writing mood, go to the gym...
Pretty boring stuff...

I kind of miss being really busy! I guess this is meant to be my break... I should sleep more!


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My "normal" day, this summer, sucks. I am actually wanting school to start back.


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5:50 AM - Alarm clock #1 goes off...it plays the radio and I usually sleep right through it until...

6:00 AM - Alarm clock #2 goes off....it's old and goes "WOOOOOOOOOOO" until I wake up and walk across the room to shut it off. I'll usually head to the shower at this point, but sometimes I'll crawl back into bed to wait for.....

6:25 AM - Alarm clock #3 (aka: my cell phone vibrating on the night stand). At this point I'm either in the shower or I go to the shower

6:35 AM - I'm dried off and head back to bed until...

6:50 AM - Wake up for real, go to kitchen grab some cereal and juice and head to the den to surf teh internetz and eat Cheerios :D

7:05 AM - Oh crap, I'm late... run to bathroom, brush teeth, gel hair, sometimes shave

7:10 AM - Grab my lunch and run out the door to my car

7:32 AM - Arrive at work, and only 2 minutes late ;)

Work, Coffee, Work, Poop, Work, Lunch, Digg, Work, Work, Done!

4:01 PM - Leave work, walk to car, drive home through construction (Thank you, city of Winnipeg...)

~5 PM - Eat supper

...The rest of the evening varies, but I usually am back home at the computer around 11PM to surf a bit, let off some steam :O and go to bread....err bed.


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I sleep late, watch the world news untill about 11 a.

get diapered, go to lunch, and about 2pm I come home wet,

and then work around the house or on one of my cars, untill 4p,

about 5p have something to eat, and play on the computer to about 11p and then shower and go to bed.

just to start all over again the next day.


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7:20 AM: I wake up and get ready for school.

7:50 AM: I walk down to the bus-stop.

8:00 AM: I arrive in school.

8:35 AM: The school day officially begins.... crap.... <_<

3:00 PM: The school day finally ends.... yay... :D

3:20 PM: I get home!

Then I'll either go on the computer or go outside and play baseball or football with the neighborhood kids.

I have dinner at around 6:00 PM.

I usually go to bed at pushing midnight on weekdays.


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9:00 AM: Go to bed
7:00 PM: Awaken
8:00 PM: Play wow till I pass out at 9


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Summer schedule, subject to change depending on work
6:45- wake up/snooze button
6:45—7:45 get ready for work
7:45—5:00 work
5:00—6-8 read till carpool/family get out of work, then head home
6-8—12:00 have dinner/Read some more/Play the Sims 2/Magically obtain and watch movies on my computer/talk with friends/perform chores
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