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NoobSauce's re-re-r---... "Character Update."

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This is gonna be my re-re-re... uhh... let's just call it my "character update"...

Stucture copied pretty directly from Mesmerale's thread, located at http://www.adisc.org/forum/greetings-introductions/10404-mesmerales-re-introduction.html

I've been online for awhile, and I'm somewhat active (though, I don't really post much outside the roleplay threads and what I have marked...) so this is just gonna be an "update" to what people already know about me. Of course, I suck at writing without some sort of structure connected to it, so I'm piggybacking off of Mez's spine.


I'm not that old, that I need a re-intro so soon. In fact, I think I only have... what, 300 posts? Uh, anyway... I'm still mostly a new member -- a whole lot of my posts are in RP and Forum Games, just because I don't know how to participate well in discussions about other stuff...
As evidenced here.
Jeez, it hurts just to watch myself fail this hard. I'm not even really sure what I was thinking... It probably went something like:

1) A new member! Free post in the intro thread! Brings my post count up!

2) Huh. I identify with this person. I wish I could wear girly clothes.
* (notice: completely ignoring age :p)
3) I'm not being noticed... NOTICE MEH

As you can see... not well-executed. Then I found the chatroom and I was like "ooh, ppls."

...>_< let's take a break from the present and go back to before I found ADISC.
Originally, I followed the 'links' section of 'a certain website that begins with the fourth letter of the alphabet and ends with the... *counts* 18th letter.' and even then I never noticed it was a forum because it used to be... IIRC... TBDL.org?
Ok, Back to slightly before now. I follow the link one more time, out of habit, and it's like "we've moved to ADISC.org" and I'm like *click* and it's like "O Hai! You're at the TBDL support community" and I'm like *cries in joy*
And back to now. I headed to the IRC room and got me an account after one of the regulars was like "Hey noobsauce, who are you on the forum?"
And then I post an intro thread.
Y'all were super helpful and all, but I just felt so paranoid at that point -- I had no idea how to approach being a DL and whatnot, I was totally paranoid.
~whee, forward a couple minutes or so~
I tried to carry over a concept from the CoV forums.
Needless to say... I failed...
And then... I did a bunch of other random topics.
None of my intros, IMO, really described me, so I'm gonna start over with this one. So... ya. Here I go.

The name NoobSauce was a quick name I thought up because it didn't sound gender-specific, and it was way better than tinlv7.
I really didn't want to use 'tinlv7' here because #1 it was connected to my IRL name quite strongly, and #2 it just really, really bugs me that I even use that name at all.

Tinlv7, by the way, came from "tim" + "lv (level)" + "7" which is something I came up quickly while playing the Pokemon TCG on my gameboy (It made me put in a name, and I didn't really wanna say 'tim'). Then I carried it over to the internet and changed the m to an n (dunno why.) and it became my nick.

Yeah. Tryin' to get NoobSauce back.

Acceptable aliases: NoobSauce, Noob, NS, tinlv7.
I don't think I mind any other names. Even over on the XKCD chatroom they call me "a darned n00b" as a joke. So, I'm pretty fine with any other names.

About my gender:
So, obviously, from the name 'tim', you know that IRL I am a guy. That aint' stopping me from doing nothing. ...or... something. Anyway, my point is IRL I have the XY chromosome set and genetali--UGH

I have a dong. I sit to pee. That's basically my "gender" in a nutshell -- yes I'm a dude but I don't always act like one. If there was, I'd check an "other" box. As it is, there's not, so for formal stuff I check the "male" box, and informally I leave it blank.

I'm asexual. Or... omnisexual. No gender or combination of genders (no. Not even 1/3 man 2/3 woman, however convoluted that genealogy would be) turns me on any more than any other one. My porn is forced fem or bondage or diapers.

I am looking for a person for romantic relations with -- gender doesn't play a role past deciding how those romantic relations happen.

tl;dr version of all that: I'm biologically male, mentally neutral, emotionally neutral, and romantically neutral. I like to think of it as a 'blank slate' state of mind.

This makes it easier to be in character, actually. I really prefer acting to being myself... It gives me so much more to work with, ironically.

I use e-speak *way* too much. More than is healthy. Tell me off if you see me using it. Same goes for foul language and whatnot.

Yeah... I try to 'train' personality traits into myself. So far all it's done is give me something to do while I'm bored. ...I talk to myself. And myself (in-character as whatever character I'm currently writing) talks back. :p it's like a split personality but not as serious.

Oh, right. Pronouns. [reading off Mesmerale's re-introduction while I do this so I can think of what's relevant] I've devised my own set of gender-neutral pronouns when I'm objecting to being called a 'he' and I don't want to sound like one of those pathetic 30-year-old-dudes-pretending-to-be-14-year-old-chicks.

So... the equivalent of 'he' is "eh". And the equivalent of "his" is "ehr". "he's" as in 'he's going to the car' is replaced with "eh's".

eh is pronounced "ay"
ehr is pronounced "air"
eh's is pronounced "ay's" (as in haze minus the beginning h)

Using official terminology, I guess you'd call me transgendered, but I really have no desire to become a girl. If anything, I'd get a surgery done to remove my man-parts and leave it at that. Considering that involves... surgery... and other things I have no idea what to expect... I have no desire to change my IRL gender. Really, I'll just pretend I'm just another one of my characters.

I have major self-image problems, which actually led to the whole "neutral" and "I am my characters" problems. I don't know what it is about me, but I can never see myself in a positive light. I think it's overreacting to seeing arrogance in people and characters, but I have no clue.

I dont have a psychiatrist, either, actually. I probably should get one, but again I don't really feel like going through the steps to sign up and whatnot.

Umm... so on to the personal information. I'm 15 (right now), born May 08 1993. You probably know my first name from what I've already said, and it's not that hard to figure out my last name. (my dad provides the internet access to our family.) Here's my social security number, place of residence, and cell phone number. The password is cherry.
Yeah. No.

Yeeeah... so... this is why I dislike posting information about myself on the internet. It seems creepy. I'll post other stuff when it seems relevant; you all pretty much know I have curly, dirty blonde hair. And, I think I've said before that I have blue eyes.

No job yet. I've applied, dunno what else to do. Ideally, I'd get a job at a grocery store doing some menial, repetitive task, and then find a job at a GameStop cash register or something, which I'll carry through college. Once I'm out and I have the skills I need, I'll sign up with an indie game developer, working my way through the game industry until I can choose to take a job at Square Enix or BioWare. And that's where I'll stay.

I want to work with particle physics -- as a removable effect. Like, how water beads together and ultimately runs off of plastic, or how sparks fly, fall, and disappear when flint hits metal.

If I can't find a college that gives a particle physics program, I'll apply for DigiPen (it's in Washington State I think) because that's where the dev team from Portal came from, and it's on the West Coast.

I really want to live in Japan as a mature adult. If that's not possible, I'd like to live in Washington, in a big, boring city.

As it stands, I'm an average AP/Honors student. I do my homework before school and play on my computer after school. I go to bed late on weekdays and sleep in on weekends. I'm inseparable with my electronics -- I need at the very least an internet-capable device with me.

I write fanfiction and original fiction (and original fiction based on anime and what not). I'm constantly working on the main story, "Rift", which branches off into infinitely many sub-stories as the plot gets more complex. Anything I write uses my basic rules for physics and applies them to... whatever. ...And, actually, my latest project, "Forgotten" kinda breaks the rules a bit, but still keeps the limits up so there's no "game-breaking" problem.

Yeah. I'm really obsessed with fairness. In all my stories, the bad guys win almost as often as the good guys.

I also love to read -- I eat up science fiction and fantasy books, and I enjoy books that capture everyday life. (note: I lied. I want to find them, but I can never find any.)

Ok, and now that I've reached that part of the story, it's time to go over...

Things that make me (literally) retarded.
I have High Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome. It's basically an excuse for just about anything my parents feel like bringing up to the school. I haven't been re-evaluated in god knows when... so maybe this doesn't apply anymore.
Technically? Yes. Do I think I have it? ...yes. But I don't use it as an excuse. It means if I see something like 300, my behavior gets HELLA *less* epic until I forget I saw 300.
Lack of mental and physical medical examination.
...It's true, actually. My parents are massive Alternative Medicine believers. I haven't been to a doctor in years. And, I haven't seen a psychiatrist in a long time. Again, I probably should get a checkup from both.
--section over--
Come to think of it, I should see a dietician too. I guess I'll do this once I move out of my parents' home.

I make 1 or 2 very close friends, then I just kinda extend my friendship net or w/e to their friends. I have a bunch of people I hang out with because they're friends of my friends.

I'm such an isolationist because I've had generally bad experiences talking to people and really just making friends in general. I have a very hyperactive personality where I'm comfortable, and I'm really... [I'd say 'reserved'. Basically I try to stay as small as possible -- hope people see through me, or otherwise don't notice me]... when I'm not comfortable. A lot of the time I wish I could stay shy all the time. ...Yes. That sentence made perfect grammatical sense.

I'm a grammar nazi. I look way deep into the grammar, syntax, and vocabulary of the English language to find the words I want. I'm an extremely verbal person.

I'm learning Japanese in school. I am a wapanese. Connection? Yes.

My (one of the) 7 deadly sins is Wrath. I have trouble keeping my energy [and by extension, temper] to myself. This has resulted in... less than fortunate... circumstances.

In 7th grade or so, I was being bullied on the bus, so I turned to the [large] group of kids picking on me and I said, almost entirely deadpan (no anger) "You know that I'm the kind of kid who takes it silently and then brings bombs and guns to school. ...Right?" ...So, yeah, I was called to the office and they said it was very serious to make bomb threats, blah blah blah, you could go to jail, blah blah blah...
Which is why I'm a very truth-oriented person. I do not make outright lies, especially those marked as truth. Lies said specifically for comic effect to the point where they're obviously untrue are the one exception. Example: "No. I keep all of my papers in my ass. Can you help me look for my science homework?"

I'm a bit of a control freak. I need to know when things are going to happen, or I freak out. ...*very* schedule-oriented. Of course, when I'm not expecting to follow a schedule, things happen kinda sloppily, but I'm fine with it as long as I'm expecting chaos.

I'm a DL, but slowly I'm transitioning myself towards being... non-DL. Or maybe it's part of the binge-purge cycle, I dunno.

I describe myself better when I have something concrete to build on.

So, the biggest part of my personality (by far) is the part that can be crammed into a canned character. Currently, I am...

--the Innocent Uke--

I'm looking for romance. I want to be loved. I have simple interests. I like candy and kitties and art.


And... that's me. If I need another character update, I'll just steal someone else's template.

Special thanks to Mesmerale for posting her re-intro, and inadvertantly providing the skeleton for mine.


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You're welcome, NoobSauce! :)

I'm glad you did this! Maybe it'll become a trend! :D


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A re-intro thread? Not a bad idea...

It's true, a lot of people forget about others.

I just might do one.

...except, not this long. ;)

--The Silent Assassin--
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