No toilet all week - my personal challenge

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Recently, I've had more free time and some spare cash, and have decided on not using the toilet all week and sticking to being diapered as long and often as possible. Here are a few things: I am a college student living at home for the summer, and am a closeted dl. I cannot order diapers to my house, so whatever is at the store I wear. This week, I'm wearing GoodNites only.
I also work for my uncle as well as working as a lifeguard, so I do not wear at work. Yet, I'm diapered close to 16 hours per day, and have the house to myself for a week. My family went on vacation last Saturday and return next Monday, giving me 10 days of diapered freedom.
I diaper myself the moment I get off work and stay diapered until I leave the next morning, NO EXCEPTIONS! I've duct taped my toilets off to avoid using them. I've used the toilet 3 times since Saturday: Saturday night after the movies, Monday at work, and Tuesday (today) at work.
It is a new feeling to go this long in a diaper, and I went 24+ hours in a diaper, the longest I've went since potty training, from Sat night to Monday morning! I LOVED the freedom of wearing my diaper!
Things that have surprised me: how easy it is to remain diapered and use it. I thought I'd have a harder time using it and getting annoyed with it. HOWEVER, I do not like constantly cleaning myself and worrying about a rash, though, if I get one I'll accept it as part of being diapered.
I haven't been a fan of messing. I thought I'd like it more, as I've been in a diaper for more than an hour, but I seem to find it more annoying that anything. I bought two packs of GoodNites: one girls and one boys for myself, and have used about half of them.
Question is: how long can I wear a diaper before I get a rash? I went nearly two hours in a wet one today and that has been the longest I went before a change, as GoodNites only hold one wetting.
If anyone has diaper suggestions that I can buy from the store, let me know! I'm looking for one more pack.
I'll be keeping everyone updated as I go about my week without a toilet! I'm excited about it and loving it so far!
Make sure you get some diaper rash cream like equaite from walmart, once you are clean and dry put the cream on before putting on your diaper, this will help prevent a rash, also you can stay wet for hours as premium diapers pull the liquid away from the skin and dealer into the diaper. However messing is a different animal I would change as soon as possiable as you are more likely to get a rash from messing then wetting, as the mess stays in full contact with your skin.
I go a long time wet. I guess my priorities are not to stay rash free. I think I only get heat rash. It is just red bumps on my back side that do not hurt and I can't see but I do feel them a little bit. I just use coconut oil for protection so I can be natural. I made some blueberry tea and boiled it thick and then added oil but I can't really get it to. Combine right. Having that paste at the bottom of my bottle of oil makes it smell incredibly fruity.

Back to the topic. Sounds like so much fun. I have not been to the toilet at all today. I went at the store yesterday afternoon. I am in plastic Attends from 2011. I got them at goodwill and I think they were stored in a kitchen because they smell incredibly yummy when wet and warm. I do not mess. I just go on my diaper between changes after I take it off right before I wrap it up. That way I am not really using the toilet but not much clean up either.
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