Nitrile Gloves


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Figured I would post it here as I am not sure where to. I know for me I use gloves for many things involving my disability but mainly for incontinence related stuff. I was getting them from insurance until pandemic hit and with shortages my order was switched to vinal gloves for somethings like putting ointment/rash creams or lotions on some issues but they do break easily so with dealing with bowel ic I always wear gloves for those changes and was doubling them up but there are other things related to bowel programs have gloves break isn't ideal. I been trying to get insurance to go back because nitrile gloves are stupid expensive.

Harbor freight has extended their black Friday sale till Sunday their 5mil nitrile gloves normally $10 are on sale for $5

I wish I knew this sale was going on sooner I would of posted it but I know how much I need them so figured would share.