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I don't know if it belongs in Computers and Games, but whatever.

You might or might not know what it is, but it's basically the Japanese version of YouTube, except it's... not YouTube. The videos have a higher quality, it's easy to download a video (looking for alternate method) and what I like the most in that place is the fact that comments scroll during the video. Of course, most of them are in Japanese, but some recurring messages like 'lol', 'omg' and those kinds of stuff are easy to identify. And it's possible to know the exact time of a comment on the video, since your comment always appears at the same time (if you posted a comment after 2:34 in a video, it will always appear at 2:34 if message scrolling is enabled).

It may not seem attractive since it's Japanese, but there are lots of cool videos and animations to check out, and the Japanese is a lot better than us at that. :p

If you want to sign up, read this. You can learn how to upload videos here.

One of my personal favorites: FF4ã￾§ã€￾ゴルベーザ四天王登å*´ï¼￾ã￾«çµµã‚’付ã￾‘ã￾¦ã￾¿ã￾Ÿâ€￾ニコニコ動画(å¤￾) :p
It's a 'remix' of the FF4 (FF2 in North America) music "Battle Of The Four Fiends". The guy who made the video sang all the voices (as in all of his videos).
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