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Hi, I figured it was about time to do an intro properly. Some of ya'll may have seen some of my threads around before, when I was testing the waters, but now I think I'm ready for my real intro. Anyway, here goes. I'm 31 years old, and have had the classic love/hate thing going on with diapers for almost my whole life. I just recently decided to fully accept myself, no matter what anyone else thought, so that explains my lack of activity. That, and the fact that I live in a small Texas town, where people don't like oddities. Other than diapers, I also love animals. I have a habitat set up in my backyard even...attracting all kinds of fauna:) I also love Legos...go figure. Anyway, I'm just here wanting to meet people of equally liberal thinking, possibly in my area.
Hello hippyman and welcome to the group
You're most welcome. Enjoy taking part... there's a lot of support in this community.
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