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PeekABU boy 😋
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I'm from Canada QC.

Im Newbie in ABDL world.
In fact I have a interest for wearing diaper since my childhood and this only since a month ago at mid 30 I make the big step.. bought some diapies ABDL on internet.

At the beginning, I worn diapers for night time only... I tried several sample ABDL of brand and model already and my preference is ABU PeekABU for nightime and Rearz lil squirt for day time more discret if I have to go out (I wearing 24h only the weekend but I get on diapers every night since more then 1 month and I using them for what they made for 😁 I don't paid for nothing lol

after that... I saw then only fact to wear a diaper... calm me down a lot.. l mean all my stress I had on my shoulders since several years ...and I cannot resolve... Go away when I wearing a diaper.
So, after a week in diaper.. my behaviour had changed a lot.. more calm at work, more patient with several things and situations.
So for me spend my money in this therapy isn't a big deal, If I'm more happy, calm and peaceful, I finally found something working for me.
weeks after weeks I make more step for my little side, I bought pacifiers... next week I bought PJ sleeper and after onesies and baby bottle etc etc... next step is here... sharing with you this new side of me who make me a better person. I'm definitely not a 100% AB I consider myself a DL even though isnt sexual things, because I don't act like a baby when I putted my diaper and my babyish clothes. it's just for me a good time make my what's I had to do in a normal day but with a more little headspace.
I love watching kids cartoons when I clean up the house or making my laundry lol but I'll not playing with toys or this kind of things.. but I regress in more little age for sure a when I wearing my stuff and this is what make me feeling so good and more peaceful with my responsibilities.

well I think I said a lot about me for now lolll I'm happy to be here where is the only place I talking about this.

** Sorry if I made some mistakes with my english Isn't my first language's 😅

Pacitoast to you guys 🥂


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Hi MaxDL and welcome to ADISC. Like your little intro photo and I found your post interesting. I also love watching children's classic cartoons and have discovered the comfort of wearing diapers (before my incontinence problems) and the benefit, of being a weekend Adult Baby, can have, on deceasing the stresses of daily life.
As for me, I am a male in my mid 60s living in Newcastle NSW Australia.
Some of my interests are: science, space exploration, astronomy, history, archeology, volcanism, geology and geography.
I also try to learn a little French (your first language?) now and then, (even helps with the English).
Have fun!
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