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Hi there. I am a 23 year old college student studying communications studies. I love to go to theme parks and spend time boating or watching Disney movies. I love arts and crafts and am extremely social.

I recently began to explore regression and age play and now have ended up diapered up with my binkey nearly nightly. I still have a lot to learn about ABDL and the community as a whole and I really look forward to making new connections.

I am a frequent traveler and am all over the place driving over 500 miles weekly and flying almost monthly! I spend my weekends out sailing with friends or at the theme parks. Get to know me and feel free to ask questions. Hope to speak to some awesome new people in the near future!
Welcome Peterthelion! I love theme parks, too. I live out west so I go to the "other" Disney place. What is the best roller coaster you've ridden so far?

Oh, and if you have any ABDL questions, just ask! I see you already asked about wetting. It does get easier. Your mind is just in the set of toilet only for the last 20 years or so. :)
Oh boy that is a tough one!!!! I really enjoyed Seven Dwarves Mine Train lately, but by far it would Have to be Dragon Challenge at Islands of Adventure!

Thanks for the advice Zipperless!!!! It's a big step for sure
It was T3 at Six Flags for me.
Never been there myself! Hopefully one day! I'll have to add it to my list of adventures
Hello, Peterthelion. Welcome!

You'll find that there is a lot of useful information on this site, and if you can't find what you're looking for, there are also a lot of friendly people here that can help answer any questions you have.

A frequent traveler eh? Very cool.
Hi Peter
I thought I would say Hi and welcome
Welcome to the forum, Peter. I live in Ohio and love Kings Island and Cedar Pointe! I enjoy most the feeling of free fall, so enjoy rides that give me the most air time like Diamond Back at Kings Island.

I'm always interested in knowing what got people interested in regression and diapers. Tell us a little about your story in that. Really look forward to hearing more from you as you share your experiences.
Well Myworld08 I always liked wearing diapers and wore goodnight until I was 13 due to bed wetting and the connection to ADD. I had moved away from a lot of my behaving like a younger kid until recently. I had a very hard year last year. My father was on the recovery from his cancer treatment and decided to divorce my mom. It came as quite the schock even though I am older now and already moved out. The blow got worse when my mom was diagnosed with cancer soon after. This stress and pressure along with my mother moving in with me led me into a deep depression. Regression to child like interests really helped me. Picking up my favorite books and escaping into my fantasty world. It wasnt enough for me so I began creative writing and detailed a childrens book series I am still working on. This again wasnt enough. I then began age play and eventually moved back into goodnights as I had started wetting the bed again due to stress. I am now getting more and more into the mindset of being a little. It feels natural for me because I never truly let myself grow up. The diapers are taking some time to get used to, but I am growing into them and loving the whole experience. Sorry this is long winded I hope I answered the question
I think you answered it very well. I'm sorry that you have had such sorrow in your life. I hope both of your parents recover from their cancer. Living with health issues is never easy.

I used to have a boat and went out every day in the summer. I live inland now, and it's just not practical. My wife also has some very serious health issues. Enjoy as much life as you possibly can, because it's terribly short.
Wow, that was a well worded answer - I think I can see the writer in you. Of course, so very sorry to hear about your parents and all the depression this has caused you. Depression happens to be what started me on this path, too. Regression was an escape for me too, along with a way to love, instead of hate, myself. I have moved past that now, but continue to feel safe and happy in diapers and little kid cloths. I recently bought some cute training pants from Babypants.com, and love wearing those to work as a reminder of my little side that no one can see.

I am fascinated by your creative writing of children's stories. Without giving too much away, can you tell us about them - the characters and plot? I have dabbled in creative writing myself, though mostly regression stories that I have posted on ADISC. Nevertheless, I love creating interesting characters and feeling as if they come alive in the story.
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