New Year’s Eve nappy memories?


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Given it’s New Year’s Eve and everyone’s allowed to stay up late… I was wondering if anyone had any vintage New Years Eve nappy memories?

The only one I recall would have been when my sister was very nearly out of nappies at night (around age 3). We were still up for New Year’s Eve and had family round.

We were in our pyjamas and I remember my sister had a nappy and popper vest on under hers as it was winter.

She was day trained at this point.

I remember us being up and dancing like mad to music that would have been playing on cassette tapes (remember them?) on the hifi.

My sister decided suddenly (almost panicking) that she needed a wee. My Mum rushed her to the toilet and for some reason I followed along.

There was an almost hysterical moment when my mum was trying to get her out of her pyjamas, popper vest and nappy so that she could go on the toilet. She was clearly very keen not to wet her nappy….

She did make it.

Given she once wet her night nappy on purpose at a similar age right after it was put on for bed, I’m surprised she was upset by the idea of having an accident in her nappy at that age.

I’ll be seeing her later… needless to say I won’t be reminding her of it!

Happy 2023 everybody…

Or, for those in the UK, Ireland and the Commonwealth should I say “Nappy New Year”? 😜
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