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  1. Diaper Lover
Hi everyone,

I'm a college student who has decided to explore his diaper fetish more. I wanted to find a community which would help me explore that more, so here I am. Besides diapers, I am interested in reading, cooking (at least attempting to), running, and other things. Technology also interests me, and my Catholic faith is very important. I would really like to support others who are also exploring this part of their lives, as I could use that same support myself.

Thanks and glad to be here!

Hi and welcome! I'm new too. It's all very exciting, finally being open about this, for me at least.
Welcome, EnDeus! You've come to the right place. You can learn a great deal here--not the mechanical aspects of participating, but more importantly how this fits in with who you are and how you feel about expressing this part of your personality. You're off to a great start in your intro--acknowledging there is much more to you than putting on diapers. While it is easy to become "obsessed" with this fetish, when one steps back and looks at oneself it really is only a tiny fraction of who we are. Keep that in mind, and so much guilt can be avoided and becoming comfortable in your own skin (padded or not) so much easier.

Good luck on your quest. And again, welcome.
Welcome EnDues. Nice introduction, I hope you can find here what you're searching for. We will help to support you. If you have questions feel free to ask :)
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