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New to this site.

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Hi. I am necrosempai. I am new to this site. I joined this site for 2 reasons...to make friends and to RP/ERP. I am on another site, care4baby.net, as LilFlutters. Yes, I am a brony. If you want to chat as I am quite busy and not on this site often, my Skype is Huggershy30 and my Kik is HollowSoul85. I have Aspergers, so if I offend you or am to vulgar please let me know. Thanks.
Welcome necrosempai! It takes a lot to offend someone here, so don't be afraid to speak your mind. We like that here! Please tell us what some of your non-AB/DL interests are. I see you're a caretaker - Are you a daddy to someone?
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