New to diapers & looking for advice.

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I recently turned 18 and am a diaper lover, though I've never actually wore a diaper yet.

So I'm looking for input. What diapers should I get? My waist size is probably around 27-28 inches and I prefer babyish designs.

What fun things should I do with them? Perhaps some people can share their first experiences or advice for a newbie! :D
Welcome! For starters have you checked out the Diaper Review section yet? It has lots of reviews! Diaper choice is an individual decision and you really need to try a few to find the one you like. For your waist size you can probably get a small adult size for most brands. You MIGHT be able to fit in a baby size 6.

What to do in them? Anything you want! Besides the obvious you can go out and about like biking, play video games, go to movies - anything! Just make sure you have a good quality one in case of leaks.

Also, please give us an introduction HERE. We like to know more about our members other than the diaper part.

So kick back, relax and enjoy! If you have any questions, we're here for you!
Goodnights would be a decent choice also. Everything depends on your budget, your desires/needs, and how discrete or open you want to be.
If you are wanting a off the self diaper I would suggest depends protection with taps. They are white and plastic backed but are not babyish at all.

At reasonably priced good quality diaper I recommend is the Molicare super plus. It holds a pretty good amount and is plastic backed. I got them off amazon. hopefully that helped out a bit. I wear both and they do the job for me
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