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hi i recently decided to switch to cloth to save money in the long run. i bought some
relly CUTE all in ones i got disney princess , sofia the first ,my little pony
and hello kitty so only four but i only wear diaper to bed.
i have no idea how to clean them and all around dont know much
about cloth diapering i got a diaper pail with reusable liner.
i looked on google not much abdl stuff on cloth would love to hear any
tip tricks or info . :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
Best thing to do is to stay away from bleach and fabric softeners, be aware of the detergent you use that it doesn't have these ingredients in them it will ruin them. You should wash AND dry them a few times before using them do they fluff up and become more absorbent and increase capacity.

Most of these AIO cloth diapers are more novelty than function. They will absorb some liquid, but not much. They don't have a great barrier system and liquid tends to bleed through. Another thing is that these don't typically last very long as the waterproof materials will eventually breakdown requiring plastic pants.

You can purchase toddler prefolds to boost the capacity. You can purchase plastic pants for extra protection. Just don't expect them to replace premium disposable diapers in terms of function.

For future reference, prefold diapers are a great alternative. You can thicken them as long as the plastic pants stay around them and have better function overall compared to AIO diapers. Plastic pants can also have cute designs and prints. You don't have to buy a ton of them, you can buy the same toddler prefolds to boost capacity. You also don't have to use pins as they have great pin alternatives.
I wear night weight, gauze prefolds along with Leakmaster high top plastic pants and I never leak in bed. I wash the cloth diapers in the wash, but rinse the plastic pants in the shower with just water, no soap.
I wear Leak master contour cloth diapers 24/7, except when they are in the laundry I also wear an insert in them at night as well as plastic pants (like now) they don't leak unless the diaper is saturated and I roll in bed.

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