New "sensitive skin" Baby Diapers out there


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So I was out and about and picked up a couple packs of new (to me anyways, idk how new they are to the market) Baby Diapers that are I guess focused on Sensitive Skin or at the very least meant for parents that want to buy their children better Diapers.

One pack is something I haven't seen at Walmart before; the Brand is "Hello Bello"; sounds like a Minion thing, but has a Sloth Print and advertises with

Say Goodbye to

Chlorine Processing
Artificial Fragrances
And Lotions

The other is an "Overnight" variant of the Seventh Generation "Free and Clear" (available at target) with no Chlorine Bleaching, Lotions, or Fragrances.

I occasionally make do with Baby Diapers when I am really short on time and don't feel like wasting a good ABDL Diaper, but the majority of the time I would just use a Baby Diaper or a type of "Sleep Pants" as a Stuffer

But it is still interesting to see new stuff to the market

I put a loose diaper above the Diaper Packaging for anybody that wants to see the packaging and what the diapers themselves actually look like.


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The Hello Bello diapers are super soft to the the touch. I haven’t tried them as boosters yet to see how they much they hold.