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I just got a sample pack from XP Med of the Seni Quatros. I have been incontinent now for 3 years and this is by far the best cloth backed I have worn. I would actually put it up there with the top 5 diapers I have tried.
I tested mine yesterday. I am a contact wetter. Meaning sometimes a little at a time, sometimes more. It took it all. Had to be at least 50-60 oz easy. Maybe more. Put it on in the afternoon yesterday and went all the way to this morning. No leaks.
The downside is the same thing every says. It gets clammy.
Tapes hold real well. No popped tapes and I was able to get a very snug fit.
Love this one and it is now my new daytime diaper. It is VERY quiet. You can not hear any noise from it at all.
It is also very thin at first for a diaper of its capacity. It does swell as filled though and the cloth backing allows a lot of swelling.
I would recommend it to anyone.
Take care.
I have had similar experiences with the seni quatro, except that when I wear them the tape always rips within a hour of putting them on. I can go all day without ever having to change which means I can wear to work and never have to use the bathroom except for messing. I don't know if I got a bad batch or what, but the tapes are never tight feeling and they rip not long after putting them on. I have had to resort to using duct tape whenever I wear them. The absorbency is great and all, but my favorite aspect of the seni quatro is that they are the softest diapers I have ever worn; this is why despite the tape problems I was really glad I bought a whole case of them.
That is weird. I have not had a problem with the tapes yet. I just get a size larger than normal and make sure it is all snug.
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