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well now I'm done with my year and a half in upstate New York, and in back at community college in LA. The place in New York only had like 150 kids in it and it was easy to make friends and so being from LA it was easy to become popular, but now back here it's like square one again. People here aren't like me, who were just at a school to have fun and take a year to relax, they're not as talkative or friendly, though it is just the first day. What are some good quick ways to meet new people at community college? Or should I just stick with non-school mates until I transfer? LAHC isn't really that bad, it's just got a significant portion of students that don't seem like the type id want to hang out with or associate with, being that this isn't the best part of the city. Have any of you had good community college experiences? Share them, please, I'd be interested to hear what you thought of it.
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