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I recently entered a relationship with a DL Daddy. I'm really happy with him and get that gut feeling that this could really work out. But I feel like I'm not being considerate of his feelings as much as I should. I've brought it up with him and he says that he's happy with how our relationship is, but I'm still uncertain.

Being new to an ABDL relationship, is there any way I can make this an equal partnership? He has made me very happy and makes me feel loved and safe. I want to do the same for him, catering to his needs like he does mine. At least on a general level, and I do plan on talking to him about this again, is there anything that a Daddy could possibly enjoy? Or anything I can do for him to express that I care for him?
First of all congratulations on a daddy relationship! You have done the right thing in talking to him. I'm hoping to be an online daddy here very soon. To me, I would like my girl(s) to just talk to me and tell me about their day. I want them to be open with me about their feelings and to tell me how special I am and what a good daddy I am to her/them. I love to say and hear the word "Love" a lot, so make sure you tall him that. I'll write more as I think about it. Again, congrats!
It all really depends on who he is!
Like, things that would make the other person happy might not make the next person as happy, so yeah just talk to him :)
Also, some people just get more enjoyment from pampering/taking care of others than from anything else! So unless he says this relationship is not level, I would not be worried.
I get the feeling you have, though! You wanna express how much love you have to him!! That's great! Hold onto that feeling!
Hi Sisi hear.

Have a good Daddy is the best.

The only thing I would say is go slowly. Daddy's need space some times.
So, I actually talked to my Daddy and he says that my messaging through out my day like I have been shows him that I care about him and that I'm thinking of him :eek: He says that he's happy that I care about him so much that I would ask him this outright. And he says that I make him feel loved and special every time I call him Daddy and say that I need him. I'm really happy! :D
Yay! You're doing everthing right!
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