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Hey once again!
Sorry, I have been posting a lot lately
What would you recommend a new person getting?
As a current Depends and Goodnites wearer i dont want to dive into the deep end and get something that has me not having anything to look forward to in the future.
Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
I know of two good places to order if you're up in CA, the canada store for ABU and Rearz. There are others as well. ABU has a fair selection but only of premiums. Rearz is a bit more spread out in quality and has some lower end products. Other than that there are a few more medical themed stores up there you may want to go with first.
It sounds like you're going for variety, so if you've only done goodnites and depends, the usual non abdl premiums should be fine. The plastic backed abena abri-forms are good if you can get those in Canada (cloth backed abena sucks though, the odor control is terrible). Molicare super plus, dry 24/7, and northshorecare supreme are also all worthwhile. Tranquility ATN if you want something one step up from depends but also really loud and very squishy when wet.
From experience I will say Northshore Care Supply makes a fantastic product that can be had in either plastic or cloth backed. They have a medium capacity version and a high capacity version which holds an insane amount and wicks very, very well. I've found their tapes to be extremely strong and overall quality to be exceptional. While they are marketed as an adult incontinence product, Northshore has been active here and listens to the feedback and needs of the ABDL community as well. I buy through Amazon and have also ordered directly with good results.
I now get my Dry 24/7's from
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