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I was shopping in walmart yesterday getting some snacks and a phone charger. I passed by the baby department and noticed there was pampers premium. Later I looked it up on google and a page on pampers' website claims it's the their best diaper compared to their other ones. A few reviews from another site say they're really good and one even tried for overnight and it worked. Has anyone else tried these?
Unfortunately their current biggest size for them is a 4 but I somehow managed to fit into it. Aside from a few small drips, it's insane that this absorbs and holds a decent sized morning pee, especially when it's a baby diaper and that I had mainly sodas the night before. :thumbsup: I also waterlogged one in the shower and it got so thick I couldn't even squeeze my legs together. Imagine what a size 6 of this could do.
Life would be so much easier if they just made them in larger adult sizes, in wonder as the market grows with the baby boomers getting older if they will do this, a very similar has happened in the Japanese market.
Looks like they have a wetness indicator that it the same style as most cheap adult diapers: have to laugh at a standard adult feature showing up on a baby diaper. Too bad they max out at size 4. I'll try them when/if they ever do a size 6 of them, but it is just not worth it for such small baby diapers.
I'd like to but I don't think they'd fit me
its amazing-bay size 6 is about the same as my size 5 panties. They're great to wear all day if I'm ging to be around the house, and want to be wet. Very asorbant, sometimes will chaffe the inner thigh due to sizing. A great way to save money!
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