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New Outer Space Friend


Alien from Outer Space 🛸
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Aaa! Hello!! I’m Alien!! I just joined because I wanna open up to a community about my newfound diaper/CGL journey ^^

I’m 20, I use he/him pronouns (mainly, you can ask for the others!), I’m transmasculine, and I’m living in the US! I love making friends, especially fellow furry friends and others who I share interests with! I also love drawing and roleplaying, and wouldn’t mind having a couple roleplay buds in the future ^^ I hope I make a good first impression, cause I’m looking forward to making friends and chatting here and opening up more and more about my interest in diapers and diaperfur artwork!
Hello and welcome.
Hi Alien. I think I may have seen your mother ship. I'm assuming you're friendly. Welcome to the site and have fun.
Welcome! And I wanted to say it’s great to meet another transmasculine in a matter of days. I mean, I’m not trans myself… I’m male he/him… but I’ve always enjoyed hearing from transmen. You guys usually have unique perspectives I like to learn from.
Hello and welcome!
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