New Orleans Meet-ups and Munches in September?

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Are any NOLA babies aware of upcoming meet ups and munches in September? Tried the ABDLs of Louisiana group on Fetlife but so far no joy.

If you know of anything, I would love a heads up. I am going to be in New Orleans in the middle of September and would love to explore the NOLA ABDL scene.


I've tried to get into the abdl scene in Louisiana, but it seems pretty disorganized, once in a while I might see something pop up mostly in the Nola area, but its mostly in fetlife that they announce it. I think the last few nola meetups have been canceled or no one showed up. I live 3 hours from there and actually have never been, too many bad experiences from friends kind of scare me away from that city.
New Orleans isn't the cleanest of places to go. The people tend to be pretty weird. Besides that the food is great, the art is great, the music scene is huge. Just beware of the hot and humid days though. Wearing diapers during the summer tend to be pretty hot and sweaty.
I'm on the edge of acadiana, so we still have good cajun food where I'm at and its not too far from the real good stuff. Art and music scene is growing in my neck of the woods, though still small compared to a bigger city like nola.
I live in Lafayette myself. I rarely go to New Orleans. Just because the food is better here right at home. The music scene is pretty small. I'm definitely not into Zydeco, country, or radio in general. Very rarely do we get any good acts here.
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