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Hi Everyone

I'm obsessed with hockey if you couldn't tell by my username. If you can guess what team we will be good friends!! lol Im in ontario so hockey is a great pasttime in the winter. During the summer I ride horses, go running and lots of swimming!

So I am married to my master we are into bdsm and i am very submissive. We also are swingers and Im looking to find a daddy-dom figure. My master isn't into babygirl/little/diaper play but he understands my desire for it.

Mostly I am looking for friends maybe to help me figure out where I fit in all of this and I love to read stories about all of this!!
Hello Flyokeygurl and welcome to the group.

Gee a Canadian Hockey fan form of all places Canada. Is that not a federal law in Canada? :laugh:

This is a nice introduction.

Again welcome to the group.

Hello, from a fellow Ontario member
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