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Hi All,

I was a member a while back but forgot all my login info - since then I've been lurking. Just wanted to rejoin and start posting again.

Some things about me:
Been into the lifestyle since I was 16
Graduated University a few years ago
Working full time as an Engineer
Love to travel - been to Spain, France, Germany, Mexico and a buncha other places.

Anywho Hello again!
Welcome, er welcome back! That was a great re-introduction. What kind of engineering do you do?
If you are using the same email address, you may be able to get your old log-in information back. Ask admin if you wish to pursue this.
Nah not a big deal I think it was to an old hotmail account that got shut down I'll just use this one :). I'm working as a mechanical engineer but more in project management - not exactly what I want to be doing but it pays the bills haha
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