New Management Style

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ADISC has grown so much that I cannot manage all of it myself.

So, over the next month, I will be setting up a clear hierarchy where specific people are responsible for specific parts of the site.

This will mean:
(1) A wiki manager
(2) A newsletter writer, or writer team
(3) Possibly: A gallery monitor
(4) A security / user account manager, probably Charlie F
(5) Possibly: A more general staff manager that all the above report to (possibly Peachy)... the idea is that Peachy could manage all the people, and I'd just handle the site's code.

By having a set of people managing certain sections of the site, I can free up more time to focus on the big picture. The end result is a better run site for all of you.

I know that your feedback has been saying the site is already well run.
Nevertheless, rather than getting complacent, I'd prefer to keep pushing the envelope, and making it better. :D

For more information on the new positions, see the administrative stuff forum.
Not open for further replies.