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Hiya everyone, Ty and I'm new here. I'm 34 and just moved to OKC Oklahoma. Currently living with my mom and sister so can't really be little, but soon, I will. Looking for mostly friends as I just got out of a very abusive relationship with my now ex daddy 9 months ago. If I happen to connect with someone on a higher level then just friendship that's great, I am pansexual so a mommy or daddy is cool with me lol.
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Welcome to ADISC, there are many like minded people with varying interests. So you should have no problem finding friends.
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Welcome and be welcomed to this uniques place called: ADISC! A wonderful place in which near everyone is wearing a diaper!
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OMG the profile pic
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Another 88er, welcome! This is, in my experience, a good place to make connections with people so please do explore and share!
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