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Good day all,
I am As You Wish.. lol. Can you guess my favorite movie? I wanted to be Dread Pirate Roberts but alas someone else has spent the last several years developing an immunity to iocane powder.
I am a family man with children from grown (22) to young (10). I am a USMC vet and making the rough side of my personality coexist with my enjoyment of a padded bottom can be very hard for me. Actually signing up on this site took me several visits to get the guts to do. There have been some good reading that I have been exposed to so I decided it might be a safe place.
I race rc buggies and mountain bike for fun. I currently work at a private college teaching my skill set to other who would like to be electrical troubleshooters.
I have a loving wife who accepts all of me even when I cant. I am a very lucky man.
Thanks for this virtual location for like minds to meet and learn from each other.


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Hi and welcome to the site. I good introduction Pirate Roberts, arrrrgh! Self acceptance can be difficult for many of us. It took me quite awhile as I grew up on the Jersey Shore and you had to be tough to survive the bullying. Kudos on your accepting wife. My wife is also very accepting of me which makes things very comfortable.

I play around with electronics but as a musician. I play keyboards, piano and organ. Anyway, welcome to ADISC.
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