New Job, More Wearing

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I changed jobs back in January, to one that sucked to one that rules. The company is based in California and I'm here in the Midwest, which means I work from home most days, when I'm not traveling. And I think we all know what being able to work from home means. ;-)

I have stocked up on diapers in a big way, taking advantage of the fantastic price of the Dry 24/7s at XP Medical, and I have most of a case of the Tena Super Stretch too. I just can't express how nice it is to be able to wear so often, after years of only very occasional use. So liberating.


I have been working from home since 2012 and it has led me to wearing to begin with. The last 10 months of 24/7 have been great. I hope I never go back to working at a business address.
Yep, I work out of the house most days and end up in DRY247 or NSC's big diaper for the day. Occasionally I have to pay a visit to the customer and switch into my Attends breathable which is a bit more discrete. I usually just shop in the big diaper though.
I like the dry 24/7 as well it's my night time diaper and I use the Abena Air Plus level 2 as my day time diaper as it's thiner and less bulky but I have gone out in a 24/7 a few times but still prefer the thiner Abena for day time use
Wish I could work from home but don't know how to make money like that XD
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